WSoP by the Numbers

If you are a frequent reader of this little blog, then you know how much I love a list. While I will still be here a few more days, I think it’s time for a wrap up of this year’s Vegas trip using some of my favorite statistics. Some of them are in contrast with Team Ivey because a lot of people found that contrast entertaining earlier in the summer.

Bracelets won by Minnesota Players: 2

Bracelets won by Team Ivey: 1

Highest Rank for WSoP Player of the Year for a Minnesotan: 28

Highest Rank for a member of Team Ivey: 75

Members of Team Ivey cheering on the rail at Phil’s bracelet win around dinner time: 0

Minnesotans cheering on the rail of my bracelet win at 2:30 am: 12

Okay, we are clearly better than the 28 pros on Team Ivey. I think I’ve made my point. And that point is that Team Ivey should probably hire me. Because then they could at least match Team Minnesota. Barely. Now back to my stats for the summer.

Money spent on tournament buy-ins: $53,750

Money Won: $513,789

Times I was introduced to Gavin Smith on this trip: 2

Times he remembered me: 0

Times I have been introduced to Gavin Smith in my life: 11 (I started keeping track after the third)

Times he has remembered me: .5 (one time he said “have we met before?”)

Total Minnesota earnings not including the Main Event: $2,142,196 (thanks to MNPokerMag for that stat)

Trips to The Spearmint Rhino: 1

Time of day we left The Rio to go to The Rhino: 6:30 am

Rank of the next day’s hangover in my all time list: 3

Most ferocious response to my bracelet win: Tie – Kou Vang bear hug vs Robby Wazwaz chest punches.

Second best victory of the summer: $1,200 – Credit card roulette at Nobu, crushing the dreams of Matt Kirby.

And for my last trick, I offer you a picture of Tony Hartmann wearing pink bunny ears with purple lights in them the morning after my bracelet win.bunnyears (1)




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