A Change in WSoP Plans

I was only going to do a few weeks this year. I told my wife I wouldn’t be gone so long. I told myself that I would spend more time in Minnesota while the weather is good and less time in Vegas when it’s 115 degrees outside. I was looking forward to playing more frisbee with my dogs and hanging out on my back porch reading a book. I was even going to set up the hammock next week. Then poker happened.

First the WSoP brought back all the $10k alternate game events, and I don’t want to miss too many of those, so I figured out a way to hit most of them at the beginning of the series in a three week stretch where I could do $50k in buy-ins in alternate games. I booked a flight, got a great set up at The Rio from a friend, and I was ready to go. Three weeks was more than I originally intended, but it was still a lot less time than I have spent at the WSoP for the last five years or so.

Then Rooster texted me at 4:45 on Wednesday afternoon to tell me that there was a WSoP Main Event qualifier at 5 o’clock at Running Aces. I like to support local businesses, and Rooster is a good guy, so I headed out around 5:30 and got there at 6. The good news was that the structure was the Sunday Optimum structure, which gave us a ton of time to play. The bad news was that almost everyone in the event was from Rooster’s Poker Networking League and it was a very tough field.

The news got worse when Josh Sexton was seated to my left. Just what I needed, a very strong and aggressive player who can three bet me all day on my immediate left. From two tables all the way down to three handed, Josh was on my left. In the end the news was good. After over 11 hours of play I won the seat and I am now in the main event at the WSoP this year.

Everyone who played the tournament has 0.5% of me in the main event as well, so I’ll have 35 people rooting for me pretty hard. How much fun would it be to win the ten million and be able to go around giving $50,000 to each of 35 people? That would be the best party ever! I like the idea of a satellite that only pays one winner but everybody gets a piece of them. Now everyone has a sweat and when people busted the event they weren’t so sad because they know they still have a shot at real money if the winner makes a deep run in the main event.I hope Rooster runs more of these next year.

I was going to play a similar event at Canterbury Park on June 22nd, but now my plans have fallen apart completely. After I won the seat, my wife said “Well, you might as well stay the whole time.” and my pal with the hook up at The Rio told me I could have the room at the same rate the whole time. And before I realized it I was changing my flight and arranging to be in Vegas for six weeks again this year.

Things I will be tired of hearing by the end of my six weeks in Vegas

1. “If I win that hand…” 

Sure idiot, that one hand was the one. Four hours into an event, with 8k in chips, you get it all-in as a 60/40 favorite, and you think that if you win that hand you are on your way to fame and fortune.

2. “The idiot calls me with…”

You came to the WSoP dummy. There are idiots everywhere, calling with any random trash. You’re probably one of them and someone is probably telling a story about you right now. If you can’t beat bad players, you can’t beat anybody. Quit crying and get back in there and play poker.

3. “Hey handsome…”

Leave me alone honey, I’m working. I know you’re working too, but you’re the 9th girl to ask me if I need a date tonight and the answer is still no.

4. “I’m running so bad.”

You might actually be running bad. You might also suck at poker. You know who cares? No one. Shut up and get back in there and “run bad” some more. I hope you run bad against me, but right now I’m the one who is running bad because I am hearing you whine.

5. “Bro, I was so hammered last night.”

It’s Vegas “Bro”, everyone you know was probably hammered last night. If you didn’t steal a tiger, no one is impressed. Congratulations on drinking a stupid plastic guitar full of cheap rail liquor and kool aid.

By the way, I’m still selling action, and now I am selling action in my main event as well. Check it out on my investing page. I have about $5,000 left in the $50k alternate games package, and about $2,000 left in the main event.

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