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Lessons w/ Fox

What I Do

I am a professional poker player who makes a small side income taking students. I take great pride in the success of my students and many of them have done very well.  My focus is not on glory or fame, nor is it on any specific style or method. The focus in my instruction is on making money. Money is what poker is all about; it’s how we keep score. I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing poker just for fun, but it’s not what I teach. I work mostly with working pros who make their living at the tables or aspiring pros who are ready to take the plunge, and a steady income is their primary concern.

Things I can help with include –

1. Watching, analyzing, and understanding your opponents. Understanding your opponents is a key to beating the game and most players neglect this skill badly in their poker education.

2. Game Theory and how to develop an understanding of the basic mathematics involved in poker. this not only helps with tough decisions and having a default set of plays, but if you know the correct logical play you can tell when someone has deviated from that correct play and is making mistakes.

3. Bonus and rakeback programs along with the best sites for the games you play. These extras can be a significant portion of your income and paying attention to them is important.

4. Holdem Manager, PokerTracker and other statistics tracking software. Both how to use them to compile stats on your opponents and how to find holes in your own game by carefully examining your statistics. AHK scripts, multi-tabling, and other software are part of my area of expertise as well.

5. Finding weak opponents and exploiting them to maximize your profit. Table selection is another underrated skill.

6. All the tools to go as far as you want to go with the game, including books, software, DVD’s, articles online, and any other source of information that may be useful to you in your poker career.

7. How to think about the game correctly and learn to make your own decisions. Poker is a flexible game and learning to think about situations correctly is much more valuable than learning how to play a specific hand in a specific instance. My goal for all of my students is that they learn how to learn on their own after a while and develop in to a complete player.

8. Bankroll management, stake agreements, and all of the other money management principles that are necessary to make a living playing poker.

How the Lessons Work –

With most students, much of the first hour is spent assessing where you are right now, finding out where you want to go, and laying out a plan to help you get there.  Most of my lessons are conducted via Skype, so it’s best to download and install it before the lesson starts. Getting Skype set up well ahead of time is a good idea in order to avoid paying me a premium hourly rate to help you set it up. I also recommend that everyone who uses Skype gets a good USB Headset mic like this one.

Cancellation Policy

I know that poker players aren’t always the most responsible people, but I have had far too many cancellations and no-shows in the past and have instituted a no-show policy that forfeits 20% of your lesson fee if you don’t show up.

Hourly Lessons

I have decided recently to leave some times open for hourly lessons on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which are $150 per hour. During hourly lessons we can cover anything you like and you will have my undivided attention for the whole hour, so make sure to have a list of questions prepared if there are specific topics you want to cover. If you are purchasing multiple hours at once, a small discount may be available.

Tournament Basics Course

I have developed a course on tournament poker that covers all of the important basics in a short amount of time. You can read more about it on the Tournament Poker Course page.

Long Term Mentoring and Job Training

As a noted poker theorist and published expert I am able to offer career retraining on a case by case basis. If you are eligible for funds related to disability or job retraining I may be able to help you on your way to a career in the gambling industry.

Tips for Prospective Students

Welcome to the tips page. If you are about to begin lessons with me, this page will be a big help to you in getting every dollar’s worth out of those lessons and making it a pleasant experience for both of us.

1. Be ready to take notes. You will get WAY more information than you can immediately process, and notes will be a big help.

2. Have a good sounding headset mic. If the sound is bad and I am hearing myself echo, or I can’t hear you clearly, it’s much tougher for me to teach you efficiently. The headset mic listed at the bottom of this page is a very good mic for around $30 and sounds fine. And make sure to download, install, and test Skype before the lesson starts.

3. Have some idea what it is you want to do in the world of poker. I can help you with just about any goal you have, and even help you establish those goals, but the more thought you put into what you want out of the game the more I can help.

4. Have questions. If you have lots of questions for me, they will constantly remind me of more things to tell you, and give me an idea of what you know and what you are interested in.

5. I play poker for a living, keep that in mind. That means that I am pretty relaxed and easy going, I joke around a lot, and I don’t get up early in the morning. However it doesn’t mean I’m unprofessional. If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, or just a jerk, don’t book lesson times with me – we won’t get along. If you lose a race with AK against QQ and cuss a blue streak… It ain’t gonna bother me a bit, I do it too.

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