Tournament HUD file for Holdem Manager

Here’s a screenshot of the HUD I use in tournaments lately. The auto-rate icon is first, and those auto rate rules are in the post below this one. The first actual number is the player’s tournament M, color coded to the Harrington system. The two numbers separated by a slash are VPIP / PFR and the last number is the number of hands to indicate sample size. I have used HUDs with more info in them, but I can get 3bet and fold to 3bet stats from clicking on the VP/PFR, and those are the only other stats I really use.  Stats like W$SD and AG% (which I use in my cash game HUD) just aren’t very useful in tournaments because the sample sizes are never big enough for them to be accurate. Between the autorate system and the few stats in this HUD I know enough to make most of my decisions pretty clear.

Right-Click HERE and select “Save link as” to download the exported file. If the download doesn’t work, you can copy the text below the picture, paste it into a blank text document and save it. Then rename the text document with a .xml extension and you can import that file into Holdem Manager.

To import the file –

Open Holdem Manager and from the very top of the program, select HUD Options and then Player Preferences. This will open up a window where you can control most of what goes on in your HUD. In the top middle of this new window you will see Import and Export buttons. If you click Import and select the file you just downloaded or created, it will import that layout. Then you can set the new layout to be active during tournaments and it should work fine.



<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <HUDexport>
<General />
- <config pos1="0.831,0.256,0.867,0.688,0.603,0.728,0.004,0.593,0.044,0.241,0.416,0.146,0.434,0.850,0.701,0.184,0.912,0.585,0.671,0.796,0.093,0.664,0.155,0.263,0.510,0.153, 0.580,0.148,0.807,0.289,0.832,0.575,0.656,0.765,0.279,0.850,0.176,0.763,-0.003,0.574,0.033,0.291,0.264,0.152,0.544,0.870,0.700,0.185,0.884,0.307,0.888,0.547,0.753,0.764,0.496,0.789,0.223,0.768,0.106,0.569,0.102,0.309,0.293,0.190, 0.900,0.500,0.278,0.164,0.000,0.000,0.900,0.500,0.100,0.500, 0.624,0.120,0.824,0.265,0.900,0.500,0.824,0.735,0.624,0.880,0.376,0.880,0.176,0.735,0.100,0.500,0.176,0.265,0.376,0.120,0.000,0.100,0.624,0.120,0.824,0.265,0.900,0.500,0.824,0.735,0.624,0.880,0.376,0.880,0.176,0.735,0.100,0.500,0.176,0.265,0.376,0.120, 0.316,0.100,0.409,0.377, 0,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5, 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5, 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5," pos2="mttone 3 1 0 -1 9 0.000 0.080 mttone 3 1 0 -1 6 0.010 0.090 mttone 3 1 0 4 6 -0.040 0.090 mttone 3 1 0 5 6 -0.040 0.090 mttone 3 1 0 3 6 -0.030 0.090" Default_Winrate="Name _T("") _T("Won") Winnings ----New Line---- Win rate _T("") _T("Hands") Hands newLine _T("5 min") Won_5_mins newLine _T("10 min") Won_10_mins newLine _T("20 min") Won_20_mins" Default_Preflop="Name _T("") _T("Won") Winnings ----New Line---- Win rate _T("") _T("Hands") Hands ----New Line---- ----New Line---- _T("") _T("\bTotal\b") _T("\bEP\b") _T("\bMP\b") _T("\bCO\b") _T("\bBtn\b") _T("\bSB\b") _T("\bBB\b") ----New Line---- _T("VP$IP") VP$ VP$IP.EP VP$IP.MP VP$IP.CO VP$IP.BTN VP$IP.SB VP$IP.BB ----New Line---- _T("PFR") PFR.EP PFR.MP PFR.CO PFR.BTN PFR.SB PFR.BB ----New Line---- _T("Call Open") Call Call Open.EP Call Open.MP Call Open.CO Call Open.BTN Call Open.SB Call Open.BB ----New Line---- _T("Raise 1st") Raise Raise 1st.EP Raise 1st.MP Raise 1st.CO Raise 1st.BTN Raise 1st.SB Raise 1st.BB ----New Line---- _T("3-Bet") 3-Bet.EP 3-Bet.MP 3-Bet.CO 3-Bet.BTN 3-Bet.SB 3-Bet.BB ----New Line---- _T("Limp") Limp.EP Limp.MP Limp.CO Limp.BTN Limp.SB Limp.BB ----New Line---- ----New Line---- _T("Fold to 3-bet") Fold to 3-bet _T("4-bet") 4-Bet ----New Line---- _T("Fold to 4-bet") Fold to 4-bet _T("4-B range") Four-bet Range _T("Squeeze")" Default_VsPre="_T("\b") _T("3-Bet") _T("4-Bet") _T("") Four-bet newLine _T("Fold to 3-Bet") Fold_to_three-bet _T("Squeeze") _T("") newLine newLine _T("\b") _T("EP") _T("MP") _T("CO") _T("Btn") _T("SB\b") newLine _T("3b vs open from") newLine _T("Fold to 3B")">
- <mttone HU_NL="False" M6_NL="False" FR_NL="False" TT_NL="False" HU_FL="False" M6_FL="False" FR_FL="False" FR_TT="True" M6_TT="True" HU_TT="True" font_size="8" font_name="Verdana" font_attr="1" background="0" alt_background="1" text_color="7" show_abrev="True" main_popup="DEFAULT Main Popup" opacity="10" card_opacity="10" seperate_panels="True" pots="0" site_index="0" games="All games" avg_vpip="False" fix_my_stats="True" show_notes="True" disable_hero="True" scale_fonts="True" drop_shadow="False">
- <TrnyM dim_sample="False" abrev=" " villainHero="both" format="0" old_popup="False" min_samples="0" popup="Default_Winrate">
- <Ranges>
<Range color="1" upper_bound="6" />
<Range color="10" upper_bound="10" />
<Range color="16" upper_bound="20" />
<Range color="2" upper_bound="1000000" />
- < dim_sample="False" abrev=" " villainHero="villain" format="0" old_popup="False" min_samples="0" popup="Default_Preflop">
- <Ranges>
<Range color="26" upper_bound="1000000" />
- < dim_sample="False" abrev="/" villainHero="villain" format="0" old_popup="False" min_samples="0" popup="Default_VsPre">
- <Ranges>
<Range color="26" upper_bound="1000000" />
- <Hands dim_sample="False" abrev=" " villainHero="villain" format="0" old_popup="True" min_samples="0" popup="Default_Winrate">
- <Ranges>
<Range color="19" upper_bound="1000000" />

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