Poker Tells 101

I’ve been working on my skills at reading my opponents for many years now, and in my work with Blue Shark Optics and the Blue Shark Pro Team I have learned some very profitable things. While reading players is seen as an art, there is certainly some science there too. My hope with launching this new part of my site is to share some of that information with other serious students of the game and help people understand the basics of reading their opponents.

I’ll be adding updates approximately once a week until I have around two dozen lessons that I have already pre-planned. I will announce them on twitter (follow @foxpokerfox) as well as here on my main blog. The link will always be in the Friends links on the right sidebar, or you can find it HERE.

Please feel free to link to the page and tell all of your friends about it. The more traffic it gets, the more I will write on it. So far I’m working with the basic stuff, but I have some very advanced things written that I think will help almost anyone.

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