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I am proud to announce that I have signed on with truBrain to promote their product to the poker world. You’ll hear more about truBrain on this blog over the coming months, but I wanted this blog post to talk about how I found the product and why I signed on to work with the company that created it.truBrain_logo

About a year ago I wrote an article about nootropics, supplements that increase brain function, that was published online. I was immediately contacted by a number of companies that sell nootropic “stacks”, combinations of ingredients that claim to work together to help your brain function at peak levels. They all wanted me to endorse their product, but most were simply vitamins and Ginkgo Biloba, and probably weren’t very effective. When I saw the list of ingredients in Tru Brain, I knew it was different.

I have studied nootropics for over twenty years, starting in the 90’s when I played blackjack for part of my living. Counting cards really makes your brain work hard and I found that after three or four hours I just wasn’t sharp. One mistake could erase hours of profits, so I couldn’t afford to be less than perfect, but I needed to work more than three or four hours a night. My solution was to take choline, carnitine, magnesium, and multivitamins. With this combination I saw a difference in the amount of time I could play without losing focus. Soon I was playing five or six hours without making a mistake, making more money, and as a side effect I even found that I was sleeping better. I was hooked!

Over the years I kept up with research on what are now called nootropics. These supplements and nutrients can help increase brain function, and often a combination of them works remarkably better than a larger dose of a single ingredient. For the last ten years I have been using various nootropic formulations before a big day at the poker tables, and at one point I even considered creating my own product. The product I considered creating was very much like truBrain.

While I know that many high level poker pros take Adderall at the tables, I’m not interested in taking a drug if I don’t have to. The side effects can be significant and possessing Adderall without a prescription is against the law, so if I can get a similar effect from taking safe nutrients and supplements, I’ll skip the drug.

I knew that I liked the ingredients listed on their website, but I wanted to test the product, so they sent me a three week trial for free. I did research on Oxiracetam and discovered that it was probably a better option for me than the Piracetam I had been taking, and more effective, though they are closely related. I looked at their research, the team that created the product and their credentials, and the reasons they chose each of the ingredients. The more I learned the more I was impressed, and after a few weeks of taking it I could tell that this was the real deal.

The difference was remarkable. My head was clear, my focus didn’t wander, and I made more money at the tables than ever before. It was like flying with the wind at my back all the time. At the end of a long tournament I was still sharp when my opponents were wearing down. Plays that I usually only make when I am really sharp were now standard. I told them I would love to endorse their product…. As long as they keep sending it to me!

In 2014, I won a world championship against one of the toughest fields in WSoP history. Who knows what I can do this year with Tru Brain on my side! Tru Brain really is the perfect Nootropic stack for poker. It keeps your mind clear helps you stay focused through a long grind. At midnight, when the blinds are getting high and every pot is critical, it helps me stay focused better than my opponents who are often running on fumes.

You don’t have to take my word for it. truBrain is is offering a free sample pack for my readers in the hope that the poker world will discover their product. You pay the shipping and they’ll send you three of their brain drinks for free! You have 14 days to try the free drinks and cancel at any time, but I would be shocked if you don’t notice a huge increase in focus and mental clarity. I don’t endorse products that I don’t believe in. This stuff is the real deal.

Click here for the free sample drinks

Click here for a free sample of the pills (my favorite)

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