WSoP by the Numbers

I always loved the Harper’s Index…

Money invested since May 28th: $51,000

Money won since that date: $237,000

Amount I needed to win in the main event to get even for the summer: $29,000

Finish position in the main event that would have gotten me even: 352nd 

Percentage of the field I needed to outlast: 95.13%

Percentage of the field I actually outlasted: 99.57%

Number of times I got all-in behind and had to suck out: 1

Number of times the suck out happened: 0

Hours of poker played in the main event: 59

Hourly rate for those hours: $3,642.59

Swaps in the main event: 1 (for 1%)

Action sold: A little more than half

Copies of my book that sold in the 60 days before the main event run: 9

Copies that sold since the start of the main event: 17 (order at

Minnesota players in the final 50: (Christian Pham and Brandon Myers)

Other things of note –

I am now over a million dollars in live tournament cashes though I have primarily been an online and cash game player. I cracked the million dollar mark in career profits in cash games about four years ago and was quite pleased with myself. This milestone also makes me happy.

My girlfriend Jordan was the best poker valet ever. Throughout the main event run she brought me everything I needed, made sure I got good meals and as much sleep as possible and was super supportive. I’m lucky to have her around and living just a few blocks from the Rio.

I’m rooting like hell for John Hesp. I played with him quite a bit and he is charming and funny and would make a great ambassador for the game if he ships this thing.

One of the guys I played with quite a bit on day 5, Paul Senat, killed a man with an AK47 in a club in April. It appears the death was accidental, but whatever the club is, I don’t want to be hanging around if there are loaded Kalishnakovs on a shelf in the back room. He was reasonably pleasant to play with and his girlfriend was on the rail bringing him Starbucks.

Patch deals are back! Just a few years ago, poker endorsement deals were basically dead. This year people were getting $2,000 to wear an 888 patch on day 6. We have 50 people left and they are paying $2k a day? That is amazing! Kudos to 888 for spreading some cash around and bringing patch deals back to the series.

I am about to launch a poker tour. If you have a venue near you that would benefit from an inexpensive tour that can bring in people, get in touch with me I will do everything I can to book it. This is not a Minnesota or Midwest tour, and in fact we don’t expect to be running a lot of events in the already saturated Minnesota market, but we are happy to go anywhere, including overseas. More news about this soon.

The tremendous show of support from friends and family really took the sting out of the loss and made the run a ton more fun. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. When you do well, and thousands of people are genuinely happy for you, it really makes you feel like you are living right. I’m a very lucky, and very happy, man.


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