Who Wants to go to Aruba?

Really, who doesn’t want to go to Aruba? It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world! The Poker Player’s Championship looks like a great event, but would I play it in January in Calgary? Probably not. Will I play it in November in Aruba? You’re damn right I will. I’ll be trying to win a seat in the qualifier at the Golden Nugget this week, but if I don’t win my way in I am definitely still going. Any poker pro who doesn’t use the tournament as an excuse to go to Aruba is just missing serious life experiences.

The satellites happening here in Vegas are also an awesome structure with 30 minute blinds, then 45 minute blinds, and 60 minute blinds at the final table. Buy-in is only $175, entry and re-entry is open until 9:30, and most of the players will be recreational players who don’t know anything about satellite strategy. While all that stuff is nice for value, the important thing is that if you win a seat, you get to go to Aruba!

Check out the structure and schedule HERE

The Aruba event includes a bunch of smaller prelims as well as a high roller and a big main event, all with great structures and the tournament crew is top notch. Play poker, drink rum drinks, and chill on the beach? Yes please. I’ll have another please. Thank you.

I’ll see you all at the Nugget this Thursday and Friday and hopefully in November in Aruba.


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