Vegas Trip (by the numbers)

I know I’ve been slacking on blogs this week, but I have been putting my writing time to use working on a novel. Two novels actually. When I get tired of looking at one of them I switch it up and work on the other one for awhile. It’s possible that one of them will make me money some day, which is something I probably can’t say about this blog, so the novels take precedence sometimes. I’m headed back to Minnesota late tomorrow night, and while I may spend the evening tonight grinding cash games, my Vegas summer schedule is basically over and it’s time for a wrap up.

WSoP Cashes: 0

Years since this last happened: 5

Final tables made in 30 days in Vegas: 8

First place finishes: 2

Action sold: $5,230

Backer’s return on action sold: $14,711.25

Number of people who bought this action: 1

Return On Investment for this person: 281%

Age of single malt scotch we consumed in mass quantity to celebrate: 18 years (this scotch could vote!)

Amount of time it took me to bust the razz event after PokerNews published an article calling me a Master of Razz: 47 minutes

Miniature cupcakes consumed by me at Blake Bohn’s dinner party: 7

Hookers rebuffed: 39

Hookers not rebuffed: 0

Current lifetime record in “Ho or No” prop bets: 17-0

Members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins who think my Ho or No record is comparable to their 1972 season: 0

Single table tournaments chopped heads up with John ‘The Razor’ Phan: 1

Total single table tournaments played: 1

Hours of audio books listened to while grinding cash games: 34

Date that two-time bracelet winner Frankie O’dell called me the worst mixed-game player he had ever seen in his life: June 25th

Date that I final tabled the triple stud event at the Venetian AND won the HORSE event at the Nugget: June 25th

Times I had played two final tables in one day before June 25th: 0

Cups of Bailey’s and coffee consumed: 24

Cups of Bailey’s and coffee paid for: 0 (gotta love Vegas)

Words written: 17,000

Days in Vegas: 31

Days I missed my wife and dogs: 26

Regrets: 0

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  1. #1 by on July 17, 2013 - 9:01 am

    How do you confirm the ‘Ho or No’ challenge? 🙂 Congrats on a great trip. Gotta share some of that action next time!

    • #2 by Fox on July 17, 2013 - 1:51 pm

      It’s easy to confirm by talking to them. A hooker will want to talk to a guy and will hit him up pretty quick. Action will be spread out a little more next time for sure, lots of people were annoyed that they didn’t get a shot.

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