Upcoming Minnesota Tournaments

Tournament players in Minnesota used to just wait for the fall, but it’s tournament season in the spring this year! The next two months are filled with tournaments in Minnesota, which is great for me because I’ve spent way too much time on the road over the last few years and I’m happy to be able to stay at home and make money.

You can always fin d a list of upcoming major tournaments in Minnesota HERE, or by clicking on the Tournaments Tab on this site.

In two weeks the Spring Poker Classic start at Running Aces, and the schedule looks fantastic. All of the qualifiers pay out in lammers that can be used in any tournament, so it makes sense for me to play them, which means even more tournaments for me in this series. There are also two different points races, a $560 Deep Stack event with a $50k guarantee, a HORSE event, an Open Face Chinese event, a PLO Dealer’s Choice event (4 or 5 card) and a host of smaller events leading up to the $1,100 main event.

The Spring Classic is going to be great, and I’ve basically left the entire two weeks open so that I can get in as many events as possible. Part of being a pro is making sure that you can play when the best games are happening. Whether this means staying up late to play in a cash game that is too good to leave or working more on weekends than weekdays or working twelve hours a day for two weeks because a great tournament series is happening, you have to make hay when the sun shines.

A few weeks after the Spring Classic ends, the Pocket Fives Poker Tour event starts. I’m the nationwide ambassador for the tour, which is why we chose to launch here in Minnesota, and my goal is to make this the largest tournament series that has ever happened here. The marketing power of Pocket Fives combined with a number of great sponsors that we will be announcing this week, will make this a national event and we expect huge fields and big prize pools.

The schedule for the Pocket Fives event will be released this week, but I can tell you now that it includes an $1,100 buy-in Heads Up event, two events per day, and that it will run from April 1st to April 13th. We are also going to feature two rebuy events and a celebrity bounty event. Each player who knocks out a celebrity will receive a bounty package that will include some awesome gifts from our sponsors. I will be announcing the local pros who will be playing as celebrities in a series of interviews with them here on the site.

If you are a serious tournament player, you should really block off both of the upcoming series at Running Aces, put in some volume, and find out how good you really are!

Follow @runaces on twitter if you have questions about the Spring Classic and follow @p5spt for info about the Pocket Fives Poker Tour event.

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