This Week for Licel

Thanks to the generosity of the players at Running Aces, last week’s mystery voucher drive was remarkably successful. I had people I have never met handing me piles of mystery vouchers that they collected from their table, and by Saturday afternoon the pile was almost three inches high. The total was 485 vouchers, which netted us a total of $801. We ran a little below where I would have expected for that many vouchers, but $800 will do a lot of good for Grace’s family in the Philippines and it was fun to meet some new people who brought me stacks of vouchers.

This week I am collecting vouchers for another family in the Philippines. Licel Seitz is a chip runner at Running Aces, and her family in the Philippines was decimated. Lives were lost, homes were destroyed, and people are still drinking bottled water and living under tarps. I will be collecting vouchers all week, and I got a good start on Sunday piling up vouchers for next Saturday, and I am also pledging 50% of my winnings in the freeroll tournament at Running Aces on Black Friday.

The Black Friday Freeroll will have $5,000 added from Running Aces, and will feature unlimited $10 rebuys which should build a huge prize pool. This tournament starts at 11 am, and you may want to show up early to make sure you get a seat right away. I encourage everyone to come on in and pledge 50% of your winnings as well. You’re only giving away half of what you are being given for free, and the people that receive the money are in real trouble and they need the help.

This is a photo of the city where Licel’s family is struggling to survive right now –



There are lots of videos and photos of the devastation in the Philippines, but this video is only a little over a minute long and really conveys how incredible the destruction was in some areas.

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