Things I Should Cover…

You know how it is when I haven’t blogged in awhile. I catch up by covering everything with a simple list. So…

1. This WSoP completely sucked. Losing $60,000 of mostly other people’s money is no fun. Writing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of checks last year was a lot more fun. This was the worst summer I have ever had at the WSoP. Yuck.

2. I’m happy to be back home and grinding cash games at Running Aces. No stress, no hassle, just people I know, dealers I like, great floor people, and small games that I can beat regularly without any stress to my bankroll. It’s nice to not have any stress or have to worry about investors.

3. The Poker Player’s Championship is coming to town! I’ll cover this in more detail soon, but the PPC is a great tour and they crush guarantees wherever they go. The tour will be at Ho Chunk Bingo Casino in Baraboo, Wisconsin August 4th to the 9th and then at the St Croix Casino in Turtle Lake August 25th to the 30th. The Turtle Lake event will be my first tour stop as the featured pro, and I would love to see you all there. I know the no-limit holdem and PLO cash games will be rolling every night during the tour stop too.

4. Bluff Magazine has stopped publishing online, so I could use a writing gig. Anyone know somebody who wants to overpay a mediocre poker writer?

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