The Rio and Some New Shades

I know, I took a few days off. Quit whining. I busted 17th in the WSoP Razz event for $5,900, and unfortunately it was to Phil Hellmuth who went on to win his twelfth bracelet later that night. And in case you were wondering, I was ahead when we got most of the chips in, but I didn’t stomp off whining about how I should win every event but the donkeys always put beats on me. Grrr.

I played the $1,500 HORSE yesterday and managed not to win a single pot. With 4,500 starting chips you don’t last long if you don’t win a single pot, and I was out in the third level. Played some cash today and made a few bucks, but worked most of the day on a writing project. I do have a couple of unbiased reviews for you, and I’ll be back on my regular schedule writing every night from now on.

Review #1 – The Rio

I have ripped the Rio on a regular basis over the last few years. It seems like every year they have a World Series of Poker and then they are shocked that so many people show up wanting to play poker. Lines are long, there aren’t enough cashier windows to handle things, nor enough experienced floor people or dealers to handle the throngs of people. I hate that they keep it at the Rio instead of moving it to the strip where we could really have some fun and the poker world could converge on one area, and the food sucks. But.

This year is actually a little better. Unfortunately this is because the numbers are down, so the lines aren’t so bad. There was a 15 minute line tonight, but tomorrow is the seniors event so that is to be expected and last year it was over an hour. It’s a bad sign for your business when it only runs right because people left and now it’s easy. With so many other events in town I think the fields are being diluted, but the fields are still much larger at the Rio because everyone still thinks a bracelet means something.

The fact that they have given out thousands of bracelets, and the fact that Jamie Gold has one, should really point out to people that they don’t make you an instant celebrity millionaire and sponsorship dollars don’t come rolling in from everywhere. Sure, I want one too, but not at the expense of money. If I can find something more profitable elsewhere, I will skip the Rio. In fact I do so at every opportunity.

Review #2

I got a new pair of Blue Shark Optics poker glasses a few days ago. I love em. I wrote a mixed review of them a few years ago when I first got ahold of a pair, but a few things have changed.

The coating on the lenses is unique in that it lets almost all of the light in while hiding your eyes. The problem I had with my first pair was that the coating also caused light to be reflected from the inside and I ended up looking at my own eyeball. It was disconcerting. I tried them out again about a year ago and learned that this problem goes away for me if I have a  baseball hat on and I get Blue Sharks with big lenses that wrap around my face so that very little light gets in the sides.

I had a pair last year that I really liked, and wore them at most of the tournaments I played until they got too scratched up a month or two ago. I didn’t realize how important they were until I tried to wear a pair of regular sunglasses and couldn’t see anything. I really missed the Blue Sharks. When I got to the Rio I stopped by and checked out the new models and the Hammer Sharks were awesome.

The Hammer Sharks are big, wrap around, and they’re light. I don’t wear glasses normally, so I need them to be light and easy. After five minutes I don’t even feel them, but none of my opponents know I’m watching them and they don’t waste their time watching me. I’m not a paid endorser for Blue Shark by the way, I just really like my new pair and figured I should write a review to let people know that they are great shades.

Stop by their booth and say hi to Kerry and Monica, they’ll tell you all about Blue Sharks and help you find a pair. If you stop by, mention my blog and tell them that Fox said hi!


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