The bad run is over, ready for Walker!

After one of the longest bad runs of my life, I chopped the Wednesday $235 last night for $3,600. Not a big score, but anything that breaks the bad run of the last month or two feels like a huge victory. Even though I’m a bankroll nit, very conservative with my buy-ins, I was getting a little stressed. Just when I was really starting to hate poker too.

Canterbury extended late registration through the end of the first break, which is something players have wanted for a long time. Kudos to them for listening to their players. I bought in twice, and my second buy-in was during the third level, so I wouldn’t have been able to get back in and chop the tournament without the new re-entry rule. I think the rule change had an effect on the field size as well because we ended up with 110 entries which is a larger than usual field.

I’m headed up to Walker for the MSPT event on Friday, and if I don’t make the final table (fingers crossed), I’ll be doing the commentary on the live broadcast. Also hoping to make day two from Day 1A so I can go fishing (drinking) with Kou Vang and John Hayes. I haven’t been fishing in at least 15 years, but I think I remember how to drink a beer in a boat.

Here’s a list of my top ten favorite things about the are around Walker Bay.

1. Northern Lights Casino – A great place to gamble, and they are very good to the MSPT entrants. Cash games are always good here during the MSPT, and the casino staff is awesome.

2. The Bikini Ice Fishing Team – This pic says it all.

3. They know how to party.

4. They have their own brewery.

5. Jimmy’s Restaurant is an awesome restaurant, and it’s cheap!

6. The Muskie are so big in Leech lake that local fishing guides actually use full grown Irish Setters for bait.

7. The people are friendly.

8. The lake actually has a lot less leeches than the name would indicate.

9. Did I mention that the people are really nice?

10. Matt Kirby will be there

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