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I don’t play traditional fantasy sports because I don’t feel like I have time to be checking my waiver wire and arranging trades all week long, and I know that if I got started playing I would spend way too much time on whatever leagues I joined. I’m just too competitive and I don’t have that much time to spare.

I have started playing weekly fantasy sports online instead, and I’m having a ton of fun with it. I’m even considering spending some more time learning and starting to play weekly and daily fantasy sports online as a part time job. Though I knew a lot of former online poker pros have started playing daily fantasy for extra cash, I had not looked into it until a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to work with one of the world’s best fantasy sports players and learn a little about how it works.

I’ll still be writing mostly about poker in this blog, because it will be my full time job for the foreseeable future, but I’m also going to start writing about the learning process as I start playing more fantasy sports and how to make money playing them online. I’m just getting started, but what I have learned so far makes online fantasy sports look like a really good way to make some extra cash.

Why I Like Online Fantasy Contests Right Now

1. Online fantasy sports are legit. Fantasy sports got a carve out in the UIGEA, meaning that it is essentially sanctioned by the federal government. This means that you can deposit with any debit or credit card or via paypal, and more importantly it means that the sites aren’t going to be shut down by the Department of Justice.

2. While most people will lose money as they do with any type of gambling, the rake isn’t too bad and the games are definitely beatable.

3.  You can play from your phone. I can definitely see tens of thousands of players setting their line ups whenever they have a few spare moments.

4. It’s possible for good players to put in a huge amount of volume. When I was playing online poker, I had to be in attendance, playing the games, and I had trouble playing more than ten tables at a time. Once you know how you will value players for the week’s games, you can set a lineup in a minute and then go on to the next contest. “Set it and forget it” means that you can play hundreds of fantasy competitions every week.

5. The players are awful, and smart people are going to start to figure that out and flock to the games. The games are like online poker in 2003 when nobody knew what they were doing, and for a few more years they will continue to be soft.

6. Players fled online poker because they lost money and thought it was rigged. This got really bad after Neteller left the US market and players were forced to reload when their money was gone rather than cash in and out at will. There is no worry that these contests are rigged because you can see your picks and make your decisions based on the same information everyone else has, and players won’t feel like it’s rigged because they will deposit and withdraw regularly and they won’t keep records to see that they are losing.

So far I have found that many of my opponents are lost, and the information needed to win looks like it’s easy to get in lots of places. I’ve deposited on five sites to screw around on each one and see where the best action is, but so far I really like Star Street for ease of use and a wide range of contests. You can be playing 30 seconds after you register for the site, and they offer an initial freeroll so you don’t even have to deposit right away.

I’ll be posting reviews of each of the sites as I learn about them. If you decide to check out Star Street, please Click Here to sign up and I might actually make a few bucks from this blog.


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