Still Playing Razz

Well a short blog posted very late is good news! I made day two of the $2500 Razz event with an above average stack and way above average skill level. It’s amazing how basic the thought processes are in Razz, even with some very smart players at the table. A number of people were confused by plays I made that I could easily have explained to them with a few minutes and a spreadsheet. We restart tomorrow at 2 pm in the Amazon room.

The Rio is the same old Rio, though slightly easier to deal with so far because numbers are down. While this is bad news for the Rio, and possibly for poker, it’s good news for me when it comes to standing in line for tournament entries, food, and bathrooms. There was a line at 2:30 to get a cab, which is to be expected because the cabs are all busy running people from one club to another or back to their hotels so they can puke and pass out. The only way that Caesars Corp could fix this problem is also the solution to so many other problems.

Move the damn thing to the strip.

Having the biggest poker tournament series in the world at a single property off the strip was a stupid idea, and it got worse when the series got bigger. Can you imagine how great it would be to have your choice of all the hotels on the strip to stay at during the series? To have events running at different rooms? To have something more than the poker kitchen and a starbucks within reasonable walking distance? We might actually have fish walking in off the street to play sit and gos.

I don’t expect this to actually happen, but it would be great. I really don’t expect Harrah’s to get things right in general, because I have so rarely seen them do so. Which brings me to my only real complaint for the day.

We had a floor guy who didn’t speak English.

Now, I am definitely not one of those redneck idiots who think that everyone who comes to ‘merica needs to hurry up and learn English. I’ve been in many countries where I didn’t speak the language, and I know how hard it is. But this was not that kind of situation. This guy wasn’t just a floor, he was a high positioned floor. And when called over to the table, he didn’t know what abandoning a hand was. After attempting to explain the situation, the dealer went right to the terminology in the TDA rules.

Dealer – “He abandoned his hand”

Floor Supervisor – “He bend the card?”

Dealer – “No, he walked away, he abandoned his hand”

Floor Supervisor – “What should I do? He leaves the table?”

Eventually another floor came over, someone whose position is below the FS, and immediately knew what was going on and solved the problem.

This is baffling. Just baffling. The guy couldn’t figure out what was going on, didn’t know terminology that is part of TDA rules, and had no idea how to solve the problem. Meanwhile a very competent and accomplished friend was fired without reason after five shifts from the Rio earlier this week. The policy may be that they don’t want competent people working there and are instead hiring people who know nothing about poker, don’t speak the language, and can’t help anyone.

There was certainly some grumping and complaining at the table, but it was overall pretty friendly for a Razz table. I called a guy out on an angle shoot, but he went broke on the hand anyway so it didn’t matter. The one chip rule definitely needs to be clarified for limit games at the start of the day, because dealers didn’t know how it would apply to limit games, and neither did we. The game of the day seemed to be to throw in an oversized chip and see what people did acting behind you. Then you could decide what you really meant when you threw in that chip.

How thrilled would I have been a few years ago to have my name on signs at the WSoP?

There are a few four foot tall blow ups of the cover of Bluff Magazine in the hallways at the Rio, and my name is on the cover between Mike Caro and Jennifer Tilly on the bottom left. If Mike is the brains (he is), and Jen is the good looks (she definitely is), then what the hell am I? I’ll assume I’m the muscle. Either way it’s good company to be in.

The Razz event was also right next to the final table area which is damned fancy this year, so we got to hear a loud announcer talking about every hand of another tournament while we tried to play poker. I think Todd Brunson was heads up with someone when we left at 2:30 am. I know he was playing a lot of pots, because I could hear the announcer through my earbuds all day long and I heard his name a lot.

Going to bed. Must win Razz bracelet tomorrow. g’night.

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