Smelling the Holly

With the amazing rakeback promotion at Running Aces and the launch of the Pocket Fives Live event series, I’ve been working my ass off. My wife has been doing the same thing, putting in all the hours she can to grow her business, Silver Frame Studio. We haven’t seen each other very much, or spent much time with our dogs, or even stopped working long enough to smell the roses, in a few months. Being home for a few days for Christmas and spending time together without working is a welcome break.

It can be too easy to get lost in your job when you don’t have a boss and a specific set of work hours. In the heyday of online poker it was always hard to take time off because I knew that there was a chair in my office and if I kept my butt in it I would make money. That money was just sitting there, waiting for me. If I wanted something I could just walk into my office and make money to buy it. When we needed money, it was tough to do anything other than sit in that chair and grind out dollars.

Now I do the same thing with live games. With the $10/hr rakeback promotion at Running Aces extended through January, it will be another month of grinding. Adding $10 an hour to my win rate is just too good to pass up and I have to get those hours in, but once January is over I am going to relax on the live poker, maybe dropping to around 100 hours of live poker per month and putting more time into writing and booking more Pocket Fives Live events.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that good stuff. I hope you eat well and spend time around those you love. I know I will. Once you’re done with that, I expect to see you at the Winter Open and the Minnesota Poker Awards, which both look like they are going to draw a huge field. Pocket Fives has also announced that the winner of the Winter Open will receive a special badge for their P5s profile as well as the gold badge card protector. I hope this becomes a tradition and players can chase P5s badges as a nice piece of bling to rival the rings and bracelets given out in other major events.

May the coming year see you all happy and healthy and may you run good against everyone but me.


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