Screw Sheldon Adelson #boycottvenetian

We really need to get online poker back in the US and get it regulated. I’m tired of the mess that online poker has become and I’m very frustrated with the politics involved. I wrote a full length article in Bluff magazine six months ago where I spoke my mind about Sheldon Adelson and his campaign to outlaw online poker in the United States, but here on my blog I don’t have to be so diplomatic.

Sheldon Adelson is the CEO of the Sands Corp, which owns The Venetian and The Palazzo. They have also owned online gaming licenses in the past, as well as hosting an NAPT event sponsored by PokerStars. Now Sheldon Adelson claims that online poker is immoral and dangerous and he gives us the usual argument…

“Think of the children.”

Think of the children? Seriously? That’s why you want to take away my freedom to do what I want in my own home? Because you are worried that kids will get a hold of their parents credit card, and instead of buying porn or a new pair of Jordans, they will play online poker? And somehow this will ruin their lives? Because they played poker?

This is America. We don’t give up our freedom in exchange for safety. Well…

Adelson1Actually we do… But we say that we don’t.

Sheldon Adelson is an immoral, unamerican, scumbag. He has openly claimed that he will spend money to influence elections as long as he is allowed to do so. He has also declared that he will spend whatever it takes to stop online poker. A guy who previously owned an online poker license in Europe, who has made his fortune from casinos, wants to protect me from myself.

The bill that Adelson’s group has proposed would be a complete federal ban on online poker, which would actually force states like New Jersey and Nevada to shut down their online poker programs, put people out of work, and flex the muscle of the federal government to take away the rights of the states.

This jackass is a conservative? A republican? Apparently he’s a hypocrite and not much else. This man, who will spend millions of dollars to get what he wants and subvert democracy, is a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. Though the majority of Americans support online poker, one billionaire can make their votes irrelevant.

How do you hurt a capitalist? You don’t give him your money. That is why I will not walk into the Venetian one time this summer. I won’t eat there, I won’t drink there, and I sure as hell won’t gamble there. I joined the Venetian boycott as soon as I found out about it last year, and this year the movement is growing.

Don’t go to the Venetian, don’t support anything they do. There are tournaments all over Vegas and you don’t need to support someone who is trying to take away your rights. Don’t give your money to someone who doesn’t like poker and wants to take away your state’s right to license online poker sites. Don’t support filthy hypocritical scum like this just because they are holding a tournament and you don’t feel like walking down the street to the next tournament. 

Capitalism works when consumers are smart. Stop patronizing an establishment where your money is going to fund sleazy politicians who will vote to take your rights away. Just don’t go. Boycott the Venetian!

If you are concerned about this issue, you should also join the Minnesotans for Online Poker facebook group and join the Poker Player’s Alliance.

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  1. #1 by Callmebutter on May 9, 2014 - 9:52 am

    Not necessarily the forum for a discussion about this, but there is no law that says marijuana is legal in the United States. Some states are saying it is, but it confounds many federal laws and has the potential to lead to some interesting lawsuits. Example, in Colorado where it is legal and you are on marijuana and get hurt at work as a result of being under the influence? Can you sue the employer where you lost an arm, eye etc but it was due to you being under the influence and your diminished capacity to operate machinery. As a libertarian you must feel the employer has to allow you to work there, but then is the employer then not responsible at all for your loss? As far as gun control, there is ownership and then there is reckless use of a gun. I have never seen a gun kill something on its own, only as a direct result of human actions. Poor decisions by humans causes many gun accidents. A vehicle causes more deaths than guns every year, but no one wants to ban vehicles from being owned or restrict there use. As far as gay marriage, call it what ever you want union (oh can’t call it that), partnership (oh can’t call it that) it has to be called marriage which comes from the bible, but don’t reference the bible when talking about gay togetherness. If all of the same rules apply and has to go through the same permitting process as a marriage to be united, and divided in the event of a breakup then so be it, let them be together. Oh and far as Republicans go, again you are talking about an individual who wants money and will do anything to get the money and not have ideals and principals that they believe in. Unfortunately our country does not have enough people that will stick to their beliefs whether conservative or liberal or libertarian. Unfortunately, we have evolved into a two party country and not an ideal country. We could have this discussion over a beverage one day maybe in Las Vegas during the World Series as I do respect your opinions and thoughts and why I continue to come to your site. The Adelson thing just rubbed me wrong on the wrong day so I had to respond, because that is who I am.

  2. #2 by Callmebutter on May 5, 2014 - 12:56 pm

    He has never been a conservative in his life. He donates to whoever he needs to influence, but his ideals are all liberal and democratic as can be, just look at him now wanting to protect everyone against themselves versus personal freedoms. Another rich business owner so everyone assumes must be a conservative and the only thing he wants conservative are the tax laws applying to him and his business.

    • #3 by Fox on May 5, 2014 - 1:03 pm

      While he may not have what you consider conservative ideals, his money certainly has all the conservatives lining up to kiss his ass and he is the largest donor to Republican campaigns over the last five years. Many “conservatives” that I know are in favor of personal freedoms like gun control, but not so in favor of personal freedoms like legal marijuana, gay marriage, and online poker. Conservative does not mean Libertarian. Maybe you are a Libertarian and you haven’t realized it yet.

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