Random Thoughts

I just don’t have enough free time to write blog posts on all of the topics that I have jotted down for blog posts over the last few weeks, so I’m going to dump them all here in a string of random thoughts. It’s my blog, and I’ll be random if I want to. I’ll even end sentences with prepositions. If I want to. And I do.

I’ve never been so annoyed to bust a tournament as I was when I busted the $1,500 Stud/8 event last week. I was incensed. With 16 players left I could see my second bracelet from there. Two bracelets in a week. I wanted it so bad. A nice run and another $6,000, but no bracelet. Apparently I have set the bar pretty high for myself now.

I highly recommend that everyone get their money off online poker sites that are not legal in the US. It looks like most of them are in financial trouble, and Merge, Lock, Cake, and others are all looking really bad right now. If legal online poker comes back to the US, the DoJ will definitely shut them all down and if that happens you may be screwed out of your money. I told people to get their money off of Ultimate Bet years ago and I’m telling you now to get it off online poker sites unless it’s money you really don’t care about.

If you are in Vegas, check out CheckItDown.com, a great little site for scheduling things during the WSoP that I started with my pal Brian Turner. The site has really taken off and we aren’t sure quite what to do with it once the series is over.

PNL Poker is hosting a WSoP Main Event Qualifier at Canterbury Park on Sunday June 22nd. I won my main event seat at one of their qualifiers at Running Aces and the way they set these tings up is interesting. The winner gets approximately 80% of themselves, while all of the other entrants get .5% of them. I know I will have 36 people rooting hard for me in the main event, and if I win it I get to give $50,000 to 36 of my friends! Check with @roosterpoker on twitter for complete details.



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