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People tell me I should write more. They say I should write in the blog more often. In fact, three people have said exactly that in the last three days. So here it is, an update two days after an update. Writing more often means that I will have to talk about whatever is happening and give my opinions on all kinds of things just to find something to talk about. Luckily, I have a lot of opinions, and the delusion that a lot of people will find them interesting.

I haven’t done a list in a while…

1. I think poker players bitch too much. In a recent twitter discussion there was an argument over whether structures are too good, not good enough, or just right. People invested real time and real emotion in this discussion on twitter. People were angry. It was ridiculous. When I heard that Running Aces was making it’s structures even better for regular weekly events, I thought “That’s great, I’ll play there more often.” That was all I needed to think about. When I heard they were changing to progressive boards for their promotions, I thought “That’s interesting, I’ll have to see what that looks like.”

This stuff is not complicated. It’s not worth arguing over. If you have ideas, Aces is always interested in hearing them, but I recommend you put them out on twitter first and let the other whiners rip them apart, because no matter what changes you suggest, most poker players will find a reason to hate them. People need to quit whining. And yes, I know I’m one of them sometimes, but I’ve been better lately.

2. This Keep It or Cash It event at Downstream casino is really neat. Being able to play multiple flights every day, having a shot at big money, and seeing people competing for the various awards is all a ton of fun. It would be more fun if I hadn’t been the bubble guy last night, but I have another shot at it tonight. And I’ll be doing the broadcast for the final table Sunday night, tune in and watch with live hole cards and my brilliant commentary* at

3. I think fantasy sports online is going to be the next online poker. Live poker is still growing, as evidenced by the MSPT and other tours growing steadily, and I will always love live poker, but online poker is boring and it’s very tough to make a living playing online these days. Fantasy sports isn’t going anywhere, and betting on it is completely legal and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. It even has a carve-out in the UIGEA, which tells us that the government isn’t going to bother fantasy sports sites. I’ve been playing at Star Street, and it’s amazing how lost some of these players are. One of my opponents this week drafted five receivers and his only quarterback is Tony Romo!


*Commentary is guaranteed, brilliance is not. Void where prohibited. Commentary is only guaranteed if it happens. If there is no commentary you owe me five bucks. Residents of Idaho and members of the MSPT family not eligible for non-existent guarantee.

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  1. #1 by robowolfman on September 10, 2013 - 2:57 pm

    P.S. I figured i better comment because i did not want to owe you five bucks. Have a good day

  2. #2 by robowolfman on September 10, 2013 - 2:55 pm

    I thought that on average most poker players were grumpy by nature. I agree that fantasy sports is the next big thing that is until the government gets smart and legalizes online poker. That should be another huge poker boom.

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