PPA Event Added!

In addition to all of the sponsors we are working with, and the LIPS Ladies Poker Tour and Senior Poker Tour, we are now working with the Poker Player’s Alliance to help raise awareness and raise some funds too! We are excited to be helping out our industry lobbying group as much as we can, and we hope to have an official PPA fundraiser at all of our future events.

Thursday April 3rd will be PPA Day, and we will be donating $3 per player in all three events that day as well as handing out PPA gear including shirts, hats, and patches. There may be a few things from our other sponsors that day too, including t shirt giveaways and free samples from Liquid Nitro. Please let all of your friends know about this event and get them all to come out to Running Aces sometime during the day of April 3rd to show their support, sign up for the PPA, and play a tournament to help support the cause!

If you aren’t already a member of the PPA, check them out at theppa.org, follow them on twitter @ppapoker, and follow the Minnesota State director Mike Qualley @mqusicMQ. Join up and help support our right to play poker online, in card rooms, and in our own homes.

Speaking of our right to play poker, I will be debating Annette Meeks from the hypocritically named Freedom Foundation, on WCCO at 8 pm on Wednesday March 26th. Since her “Freedom” Foundation is somehow against our freedom to play online poker, I suspect it will be an easy victory. Most conservative groups that espouse freedom and the constitution, but really just want you to have the freedom to do the things they approve of, are uneducated and an easy target. The problem is that their supporters aren’t good with logic anyway, so giving her a sound butt kicking in this debate is really just for my own entertainment. These people rarely let facts get in the way of their belief system.


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