Pocket Fives Poker Tour Event Schedule

I’m in a big hurry to get to the HORSE event today at Running Aces, so this is a quick and dirty version. I’ll cover it better and include a downloadable version in the next day or two, but here is the Pocket Fives Poker Tour Schedule for April. There could be very minor changes to the chip counts, levels, or starting times, but this is the basic schedule and there will very few changes if there are any.

DateTime#EventBuy-InChipsLevel Time
Tue April 1stNoon$350 Super Stack Day 1$30030k30
4pHeads Up – 1A – 8 players$1,10025k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Wed April 2ndNoon$350 Super Stack Day 230
4pHeads Up – 1B – 8 players$1,10025k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Thu April 3rdNoonN/L Hold’Em$25015k30
4pHeads Up – 1C – 8 players$1,10025k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Fri April 4thNoonN/L Hold’Em$25015k30
4pHeads Up – 1D – 8 players$1,10025k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Sat April 5thNoonHeads Up – Semi-Finals – 16 players25k30
3pN/L Hold’Em – Celebrity Bounty$30020k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Sun April 6th10 amSenior Poker Tour 50+$25015k30
3pLIPS Ladies Event$15015k25
2pHeads Up – Final 450k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Mon April 7thNoonN/L Hold’Em$15015k20
630pN/L Hold’Em$17520k15
Tue April 8thNoonN/L Hold’Em – Rebuy – 6max$505k20
630pN/L Hold’Em$17520k15
Wed April 9thNoonN/L Hold’Em – Rebuy$1005k30
630pN/L Hold’Em$17520k15
Thu April 10thNoonN/L Hold’Em$30020k30
Fri April 11thNoonQualifier$10010k15
5pMain Event 1A$75050k40
Sat April 12th2pmMain Event 1B$75050k40
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
Sun April 13th2pmMain Event Day 260
630pN/L Hold’Em$17515k20
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