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Now that we have a schedule set for the Pocket Fives Poker Tour event in April at Running Aces, it’s time to talk about our local pros. We want to give local players ate very tour stop a chance to prove themselves as promoters, players, and ambassadors for the game, so we will be choosing a few players who don’t have significant sponsorship deals and making them Pocket Fives pros for the event. This gives them a chance to show us, and the world, what they can do on twitter, on facebook, on their blogs or other social media sites, and at local card rooms.

We will hold a celebrity bounty event on the first Saturday at every major series we host, and our Pocket Fives local pros will be bounties in this event. The bounty packages will include tour gear as well as Pocket Fives gear and items from our sponsors. This may include clothing from Blind Squirrel Apparel, glasses from Blue Shark Optics, gear and samples from Liquid Nitro, a signed copy of my book No Limits, and a host of other items from sponsors and the venue itself.

We have been very lucky to land a great group of pros for our upcoming event at Running Aces!

Danielle “dmoongirl” Anderson is a long time professional player and a high stakes cash game regular. She is on the Ultimate Poker pro team, is the star of the movie Bet Raise Fold, a documentary about the rise and fall of online poker, and maintains an excellent blog at dmoongirl.com. Follow Danielle on twitter @dmoongirl. Our favorite poker movie star will be playing our celebrity bounty event on April 5th as well as the LIPS Ladies Poker Tour event on April 6th.

Kou Vang has won more money at Running Aces (over $120,000) in the last year than any other tournament player. In addition to a spectacular online poker career, Kou has won a WSoP circuit ring, and an MSPT bracelet, and over half a million dollars in live tournament winnings. He is also a member of the Running Aces pro team and we are proud to have him helping us to promote this event. We look forward to seeing Kou in our celebrity bounty event.

John “JohnnyGStacks” Hayes might be Minnesota’s winningest poker player. With $250,000 in live poker winnings, and $2,140,000 in online winnings, John has had an amazing career. Online players everywhere know the name GStacks and live players have watched him win an MSPT bracelet and barely miss a WSoP bracelet in the last year in addition to a number of big final tables. John will be playing our celebrity bounty event as well as most of the rest of the series. Welcome to the team Johnny!

Molly Mossey has been a regular feature in the Minnesota poker scene for years now, working on her tournament game and playing events whenever she can find the time. With final table appearances at both MSPT and HPT events, the only woman to do so, she has made a name for herself beyond her sunny disposition in the last few years, gaining the respect of her peers and winning the Minnesota Poker Award for Best Female Player. Molly will be playing in the LIPS ladies event representing the tour and will have a bounty on her head during the event.

A Short Interview with Kou Vang


Congratulations on the deal, nobody deserves it more than you. Are you excited about the series?

Yes i am! I can’t wait. The holiday event was great and I’m looking forward to the whole series. The series schedule looks phenomenal. I have been a long time pocketfives member and I have to say I am proud to be associated with Pocket Fives and Running Aces

You were one of the first people I talked to about the potential of launching a tour and your interest in it really made me feel good about the idea. As a tournament grinder, what do think a Pocket Fives Tour has to offer to be a success?

When I think of the name Pocket Fives, I think of them providing players with stats, rankings, forums, strategy, training, a place that provides every poker player the chance to be successful. I know the poker tour will be the same, giving players opportunities, a great structure, affordable buy-ins and value. Once again, giving everyone a chance to be successful. 

What events are you looking forward to? ($1k heads up, $300 Celebrity bounty, $750 main, all might be options.)

Wow, that’s like asking me which one of my kids i love most. Everyone loves heads up matches, they are always fun. The $1k HU should be a big draw, they are hard to come by. I love bounty tournaments, because of the added incentives of knocking someone out, and of course everyone dreams of  winning a main event. I love all of them! 

Congratulations again on a great year and we look forward to seeing you at some final tables during the Pocket Fives Poker Tour April 1st – 13th.

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