Operation Grace

As I’m sure you are aware, Typhoon Haiyan, probably the largest and most destructive storm in history, hit the Philippines last week. Grace Willberg, a cocktail server at Running Aces, has family in the Philippines who lost everything and she has set up a fund to help them out. This week I am donating all my mystery vouchers to the fund, and collecting from other players who won’t make it on Saturday. It started with a conversation with Ryan Reider and Cory Canaday about how some people are donating 5% of their winnings from the Turkey Tourney and it blew up on Sunday to the point where people were collecting the vouchers from their entire tables and bringing them over to me. I will be collecting them all week long and donating the winnings on Saturday and I want to thank everyone who has helped get the word out.

Next week I will be doing the same thing from Licel, the chip runner at Running Aces who is also from the Philippines. Her family was devastated as well, and she has already sent them what she can afford, but we can work together to help rebuild their homes with hundreds of mystery vouchers. If you don’t’ see me, and want to donate your voucher, look for Ryan, Cory, Josh Sexton, or any of the other regulars from the straddle and ante games. I’m sure they will get the vouchers to me.

Thank you to everyone who spread the word. All I did was agree to hold the vouchers and bring them in on Saturday. The people who put it out on twitter, and convinced their tables to donate all of their vouchers, did a lot more than I did and they should be very proud of themselves. If I am in the room, you can find me on twitter @foxpokerfox and get a table and seat number from me, or just ask a floor person and they will usually know where I am.

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