No-Limit Cash HUD

Since the release of the book I’ve had a a number of people email asking for my cash HUD set up. Here’s what I use for full ring no-limit games. I think it would be a fine set up for six max games as well. To download the hud .xml file you’ll probably need to right click and choose “save link as”. Then import the file from the player preferences in your Holdem Manager and it should work from there, just two quick steps!


The top row is the icon (you’ll need to set up autorate rules for that, I have some up on this site if you need them), VPIP / PFR and the number hands. I like the quick glance information in the top row and I’ve gotten used to looking for it there.

The second row is more in-depth preflop information, with steal, three-bet and fold to 3bet numbers.

The bottom row helps for post flop play with aggression frequency and won showdown stats.

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