New Sunglasses

That’s right, I said SUN glasses. For a few years now I have been promoting my favorite poker glasses from Blue Shark Optics and I even have my own model, but they aren’t appropriate for outdoor use because they don’t block incoming light. I’ve been wearing my favorite pair of Serengeti sunglasses with amber lenses for driving because they were the most comfortable glasses I could find. Blue Shark has changed that with their new Cruisewear line.

As soon as I heard about the Cruisewear shades, I asked for a pair to check out, and they arrived a few weeks ago in the frames from my poker model. I was happy to have driving glasses in the comfortable frames from my pro model, but didn’t expect anything much more than high-quality sunglasses. I was surprised.

These lenses are like nothing I have ever seen. Better than my $300 Serengetis by a mile. Better in bright sunlight for sure, but what really surprised me was how useful they were in the rain. I would never wear sunglasses in the rain, but these are driving glasses, made for wearing in any conditions where there is a reasonable amount of light, and they helped me see more clearly in the rain too!

Kudos to Blue Shark Optics for developing another great product to go with their excellent poker glasses and eye saving computer glasses. If you want to be safer in the car, send in your favorite frames and get a pair of these. I am amazed at how well they worked in so many different conditions.

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