More Tournaments?!?!

Sometimes it seems like the tournament trail never ends. If I’m going to make a real living playing poker I have to get out of Minnesota fairly often, but I get tired of the road. I’ll be playing tournaments almost every day of October, the series that are available are just too good to turn down, but there is good news. The first half of the month will be at Canterbury playing the Fall Poker Classic, which should draw nice fields, be run well, and feature free donuts in the mornings. I’m looking forward to it.

The second half of the month will be the WSoP Circuit stop in Hammond, Indiana. This is the largest stop on the WSoP Circuit, which is the only reason I usually play it. The rake is insanely high at WSoPC events, meaning that if you aren’t playing enough of them to qualify for the million dollar freeroll at the end of the year, then you are paying for those who do qualify. Paying double rake sucks, and Hammond isn’t exactly my favorite place to visit. In fact you can scratch everything anywhere near Gary, Indiana off my list of places to vacation, but it’s close to home and the fields are huge and soft, so I will probably head down to Hammond again this year.

I have also just found a new home for my poker training videos. Since leaving PokerXFactor. I have had a few offers from training sites, but nothing was exciting until this new opportunity. I’m looking forward to making videos this month and announcing where they will be when they are published in a month or so.

My newest article went up on Poker Update today. You can find everything I do for them in one spot because they were kind enough to create “The Fox’s Den” for all of my articles and musings. Two of the articles involve Minnesota players that you probably know. The Fox’s Den

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