MN Poker Awards Nominations (help!)

I’m closing voting on the categories, and getting the categories up for nominations because we need to get some players voted into these categories in time for the awards to be given out at Running Aces on December 28th. I have some ideas for nominations, but I need your help with figuring out who should be nominated. You play with these people, and you can tell me who should be nominated. Once I have some names over the next week or two I will do some research, some very unscientific polling, and determine a list of nominees. Then the voting will commence!

Below are the categories and some potential nominees. If you think someone should be on this list, PLEASE post it in comments or let me know on twitter @foxpokerfox

Without further ado (I always wanted a reason to say that)…

The Categories and Potential Nominees –

Best Player

This category is fairly self-explanatory. If you think the best player in Minnesota in 2013 isn’t on this list, let me know who is missing. 

Blake Bohn

Kou Vang

Everett Carlton

Erick Wright

John ‘Gstacks’ Hayes

Matt Alexander

Matt Kirby

Dave Gonia

Ryan Hartmann


Best Female Player

This category is fairly self-explanatory. If you think the best female player in Minnesota in 2013 isn’t on this list, let me know who is missing. 

Molly Anne Mossey

Renee Kessel

Marinela Silseth

Danielle Anderson


Most Intimidating Player

Who do you hate playing pots with? Who scares the crap out of you or seems to be staring right into your soul?

John ‘Gstacks’ Hayes

Kou Vang

Blake Bohn

Tom Hammers

Mark Sandness


Nice Guy Award

If the nicest poker player in Minnesota isn’t on this list, then get me their name, because they deserve some recognition!

John Somsky

Brian Soja

John Morgan

Mike Schneider

Mike Lovelace


Best Twitter

I may need help with this one, because if someone tweets a lot, I tend to unfollow them. What is your favorite poker-related twitter account that is based in the land of 10,000 lakes? 







Most Entertaining Opponent

Who makes you laugh, tells great stories, and generally keeps you entertained at the tables? Are they on this list?

Jim Meehan

Tom Hammers

Jay Philips

Renee Kessel


Poker Champion

Who is the best advocate for the game? Who has done the most for poker in Minnesota this year? 

Bryan Mileski

John Somsky

John Morgan

Danielle Anderson

Mike Lovelace


Best Cardroom Employee

Who is your favorite card room employee? Do you know someone who does a great job, works hard, and deserves recognition? I need help with this one because there are too many people I would love to put on this list. The two names below are very good at their jobs and very popular, but there should be a lot of names on this list! 

Lisa Runyan – Board Girl (her words not mine) from Canterbury Park

Tristan Willberg – Tournament Director from Running Aces


I am skipping the Best Tournament category because if Running Aces won everyone would shout “Rigged!” and if Canterbury won Running Aces would be giving them an award. We’ll also skip the Most Improved Player and Underrated Player awards because I think there would be far too many nominations and it would be tough to choose them. The Most Aggressive category is partially covered by Most Intimidating, and the rest of the categories didn’t get enough votes to make the cut, so this list of eight categories will be the final list for the Minnesota Poker Awards for 2013.

As soon as I am comfortable that I have all the right people nominated, probably in a week or two, I’ll do a little write up of each nominee and their accomplishments and get the voting started.









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  1. #1 by kday4220 on October 28, 2013 - 5:33 pm

    Joel . TD from Canterbury for employees and Michelle day for female player, maybe I am partial!

    • #2 by Fox on October 28, 2013 - 6:52 pm

      I’ve also heard Matt from Canterbury and DJ from Aces. Apparently tournament directors are popular people! I can’t find much on Michelle online, is she a cash game player?

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