It’s Go Time!

The Pocket Fives Poker Tour series starts tomorrow, and I’m wired just thinking about it. As many of you know, I am part of the tour as it’s ambassador, which is why we chose to launch here in Minnesota. We are very grateful to Running Aces for being our beta test for the tour and helping us work the kinks out of the system. Once this event is over we can make good decisions about where to go with the tour, which venues make sense for us, and how we should proceed with the tour. But first, we have to blow this thing up!

It would be a personal favor to me if you can make it to some events. Even if you just come by to say hi, I would love to see everyone I know at Running Aces in the next two weeks. This is also the first national tour to come to Minnesota, and regardless of my affiliation with the tour I can not guarantee that I can convince Aces and Pocket Fives to do this again in my home state if we don’t draw well. If you don’t play these events, I will not listen to you complain that major tours don’t come to Minnesota because this is your chance to support a major tour that is launching here and insure that it keeps coming back as well as showing other major national tours that Minnesota is worth a visit.

We put together a great schedule, and Running Aces was very willing to work with us on giving players what they want. The rake is low, the structures are amazing, and along with the first heads up event in Minnesota history, we are offering rebuy events, 6max and PLO events, a LIPS tour event, a Senior Poker Tour event, and multiple tournaments every day for the next thirteen days.

I can answer questions about events on my twitter @foxpokerfox, the tour twitter account is @p5spt, and @runaces will know details on specific events. The full schedule is HERE.

I’m personally looking forward to the big deep stack event tomorrow, the PPA sponsored event on Tuesday, and the big celebrity bounty tournament on Saturday, though I will be at Running Aces every day during the series.

We now have five pairs of Blue Shark Optics to give away, swag from Pocket Fives, the tour, the Straight Flush Poker Tour, the Bet Raise Fold documentary, and a host of other fun giveaways. Play early and often for the best chance to win!

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