I’ll just put this here…

I first started blogging in 2005 on pocketfives.com. It was fun, and I was surprised to see that people were actually interested in the life of a low-limit grinder. When pocketfives got rid of their blog section a year or two later, I started hunting for a new home for my blog, but for some reason I just wasn’t happy with any one spot. I didn’t want to build up an audience somewhere and then have them disappear on me again.

Last year during the WSoP I tried to write every night and publish here on my site as well as on MNPokerMag.com, but after a few weeks it was just too much. After a twelve hour tournament day that ends with disappointment, I couldn’t do anything but go to bed. I would love to find someone to pay me enough to write every day that I could take an hour away from the table every day to write, and I’ve searched for that as well, but I haven’t found it.

The only option that makes sense at this point, since I really do want to write, is to host the blog here, syndicate it to whoever wants it, and write when I can. I think 2 or 3 times a week should be more than enough to keep my audience interested. And that is an amount of writing I can handle. I play enough interesting hands, meet enough interesting characters, and have enough thoughts on strategy in a given week to easily produce two or three blog posts and not have to struggle with what I’m going to write about.

The question I’ll start to ask after a month or two of writing will be –

“Will anyone actually read this thing?”

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