I Love Razz

Today was day one of the Razz event at the WSoP, my favorite tournament of the year. I’ve cashed the last three years in a row, and last year’s 17th place finish was my deepest run yet. I’m hoping this is my breakthrough year. It was a long day, which leads to short blog posts, and lists are easy, so…

Stuff you might care about –

1. I bagged up 23,000, well above average, and will be restarting tomorrow with around 130 players left at 2 pm Vegas time. You can follow my progress on twitter @foxpokerfox or on pokernews at http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2013-world-series-of-poker/event-33-2-500-seven-card-razz/chips.htm

2. Also still in contention at Tom Hammers with a short stack and Adeel Qureshi with an average stack. Both are strong players and I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of them deep in the money.

3. My table was fun today, with Brett ‘Gank’ Jungblutt, Tom McEvoy, Cindy Violette, Marco Traniello, and a number of other well known players.

4. Our first dealer, in a $2,500 buy-in event, did not know that Stud poker games start with one card up and two cards down. She really didn’t know that. Not her fault, she did her best, but who the hell thought she should be dealing this event?

5. I played a $275 sit and go today while I waiting for the Razz to start, and ended up chopping it heads up. I knew my opponent was strong, which is why I agreed to chop, but I didn’t know how strong until after we chopped and I found out that it was John “The Razor” Phan. I didn’t tell him that he is the most profitable opponent in my PokerTracker database from back in the day, and that I had made nearly $22,000 from him playing cash games. I never thought he was very strong playing cash online, but he played great in the SNG today.

Going to sleep now.

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  1. #1 by BrockG on June 20, 2013 - 11:32 pm

    Hi, Chris. Found your blog after playing day 1 of the razz with you. Knew your name sounded familiar so I looked ya up. (I was guy directly on your left) I’m not a pro, just a rec player who takes teh game seriously, i make it out every summer for the razz event, and i wanted to say it was nice to play with someone who isn’t a miserable, insufferable bastard like so many that do it for living are.

    You played well and i was glad to have you on my right. How did you do on day 2? I bricked a few wheel draws, would win a pot at showdown, rinse repeat. Highest i got was around 17k but could never get anything going. Treading water the whole time, busted 72nd or so.

    Oh, btw on the 2nd or 3rd last hand of the night when you completed, i called, and you checked like (xx)42 to my (xx)57board then bet 5th when we both bricked and I called, then u bricked 6th and i caught well…I had paired my 7 =)..waqs hoping you paired deuce as well figured i was weak with my check on 4th… Doubt you were worrying about that hand too much though.

    Anyways, good luck rest of the series, and keep on writing nice blogs!

    • #2 by Fox on June 20, 2013 - 11:36 pm

      Nice playing with you Brock. I’ll definitely quit playing before I turn into one of those miserable old bastards that complains constantly about poker and gripes at every dealer. Day two wasn’t great, full report in a blog post coming up tonight!

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