Holy Tasmania!

I was excited about the portion of this trip we were going to spend in Tasmania, but it has completed exceeded our expectations and we even talked about moving there for a few years if it was possible to emigrate. We were lucky on our five days in Tasmania with perfect weather and some incredible animal sightings.

We landed in Hobart in the evening, and most things had been closing early in Melbourne so we were thinking we might be eating the last of our bread and cheese for dinner before bed, but in Hobart things are different. There is a thriving restaurant district with Malaysian, Australian, Chinese, Thai, seafood, and even a Mexican place, all of which were open late and of excellent quality.

Our first full day in Tasmania started with the Tahune Airwalk, which was nice, and a few other short hikes. The highlight of the walks for me was spotting an Echidna in the wild, ten feet from us, and watching it wander about oblivious to our presence. They don’t see very well or have any natural predators, so they don’t really care about people and we have seen a few since then as well and they really don’t run away from humans unless you get close to them.

After the hiking we headed to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, which quickly became one of our favorite places. We purchased a special after hours deal called The Feeding Frenzy, where you are the only people at the sanctuary, you have your own guide, and you get to meet and feed the animals. We fed birds, possums, kangaroos (who we also petted), a Koala (which we also petted), and my personal favorite, a Tasmanian Devil!

The entire area drops off road kill at the center and they use it to feed the scavengers, including the devils. I held on to a Wallaby leg while the devil fought with me for it for five minutes, chewing on it with incredibly powerful jaws and growling like a dog. It was incredible, one of the highlights of the trip for me.

We also were able to feed and interact with a number of other animals including Eastern Quolls, Spotted Tailed Quolls, Wombats, Sugar Gliders, Bettongs, a Potaroo, and the Tawny Frogmouths. I’m sure I missed some things on that list too, the experience was a literal once in a lifetime thing that I can’t imagine being able to duplicate anywhere. I prefer to see animals in the wild when I can, but this wildlife rehab center is really a great place and I’m glad I could meet the animals as well as supporting the cause.

Speaking of animals in the wild, we saw a couple more Echidna and another Bettong in the protected wilderness on the way to Strahan the next day, but our real treat was seeing three, yes three, Tasmanian Devils in the wild. One of them was even carrying a snake, meaning this devil had real guts because all snakes in Tasmania are venomous and are distant relatives of the cobra. I hope he enjoyed his meal, I don’t think I would.

We also stopped at Burberry Lake, one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen, and too many other mountains, lakes, cliffs, and incredible vistas to recount. I’ve driven the Vikos Gorge in Greece, the Grand Canyon, most of the coastal US and some of Canada, The North Shore of Lake Superior, much of Costa Rica and other central American countries, and for wilderness and stunning mountain and ocean views, this tops everything. I had no idea there was still a place in the world still so wild and I am so grateful that I was able to visit it.

We have figured out a way to upload pictures more easily, so hopefully I can start blogging with pictures every day or two now like I had originally planned. Internet is still a little scarce in some places, and data on my phone, when it’s available, is prohibitively expensive, but when we find wifi I can post some pics now.

The rest of Tasmania was beautiful, and our flight to Sydney was easy. Sydney is a wonderful town, more interesting than Melbourne with a ton of backpackers, a red light district, loads of great restaurants, and some high rent stuff near the opera house that was pretty impressive. Sydney is definitely a city I could live in, though the parking situation is awful. Tomorrow we land in Christchurch New Zealand and another portion of the journey begins!

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