Having Fun Grinding Cash

I’ve been having a great time grinding the $2/100 cash games at Running Aces this week and looking forward to next week’s poker tournaments. The excitement of harness racing is over, and it’s getting cold outside, so the poker tables are the place to be. After just a week of playing cash games every night, I think I have found the key to beating these games. The key is to pay attention to your opponents.

Playing a solid game and not making big mistakes is not strong enough to beat the rake for nearly enough money to make a living. You have to know how your opponents react to different hands, both in terms of physical tells and in betting patterns. Knowing what hands to play preflop and how much to bet is necessary, but taking the next step is absolutely imperative for beating the games.

I also hit a $400 progressive last night when I flopped quad deuces. I wasn’t sure about the whole progressive board promotion, but that four bills changed my mind about it. And it helped my win rate for the week pretty significantly. I’m running good, there’s no doubt about it, but I feel like I’m playing really well too.

It’s a good time to start running pure, because the Fall Poker Classic is coming up and I’ll be playing almost every event starting Monday. There will be a ton of cash at stake, and I’m hoping to win enough of it to take a little vacation when it gets cold. I know the competition will be tough, with all of Team Aces coming out, as well as Rooster, Joker, Soja, and all of the usual suspects from Shakopee. There should also be a whole contingent of clowns from out of town as well, throwing off money like it’s on fire.

This month, if you knock out any member of Team Aces in the money of a tournament outside of Running Aces, and you are wearing Running Aces gear, you win $200 cold hard cash. That includes me, Erick Wright, Dave Gonia, and our newest member Kou Vang. Free money! Hard to argue with that. If you aren’t wearing a shirt when you bust one of us, you win a free shirt so you can win the money next time.

Well, that was fun. Sometimes I just do this to make myself laugh. Back to the grind.

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