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Well folks, as those of you who have been following along on twitter probably know, we haven’t had a great WSoP so far. One cash for around six thousand and a bunch of irritating bustouts. I assumed that I would make day two more often than I have and that I would be skipping more events, but that hasn’t happened. I have been very good abotu getting sleep and being ready for tournaments, which means that I have played nearly everything I had scheduled. Unfortunately that means that my $60k estimate is going to fall well short of what I am going to play this year.

The stake, with the small cash, has about $12,000 left in it. Since I am sure everyone who invested wanted a piece of the $10k HORSE event, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on that, there is only about $2,000 left. I will use most of that on the Draft Kings event tomorrow and end the stake with the $10k HORSE.

This means I will be selling a little mroe action. Since I had a significant piece of myself and am obviously down, I’ll be playing some cash games over the rest of the series, but I plan to play the $1,111 Little Drop event and will be selling action for that at 1.3 as well. Contact me if you are interested in buying a small piece of that.

I am also selling the Main Event starting now. Action in the main often sells at 1.5 or even higher for established players, and I have already bought a few players at 1.4. I will be selling at 1.4 myself for the main, so every percentage point will cost $140. People who invested in the earlier package have priority and I will take requests for the next few days without locking anything up to make sure that they have a chance to get in.

Contact me via twitter @foxpokerfox for the best response times.

There is still poker to be played, and I will be doing my best to turn this thing around. Thank you all for your continued faith.

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