Final WSoP Investment Package

I have finalized my WSoP Investment package and set up my schedule for the summer. Thank you to everyone who invested. I’m playing very well right now and hope to make you a giant pile of cash this year! Updates will be posted here on occasion and regularly on twitter @foxpokerfox. The final number was smaller than I expected because I removed the $50k Player’s Championship from the package. Each $528 invested is approximately 1% (1.01 percent to be exact).

Colossus6/2/201611:00 AM$565
WSoP Dealer’s Choice6/5/20163:00 PM$1,500
WSoP HORSE6/7/201611:00 AM$1,500
WSoP Razz6/9/201611:00 AM$1,500
WSoP HORSE6/12/20163:00 PM$3,000
iNinja 250k (2 entries)6/13/20164:00 PM$800
WSoP HORSE6/15/20163:00 PM$10,000
Wynn NLHE6/17/20167:30 PM$1,100
WSoP NLHE6/18/201611:00 AM$1,500
Binion’s HORSE6/20/201612:00 PM$400
WSoP 90 minute blinds6/20/201611:00 AM$1,500
Wynn NLHE6/21/201612:00 PM$400
Wynn NLHE6/22/201612:00 PM$400
WSoP Monster Stack6/24/201611:00 AM$1,500
Planet Hollywood Turbo6/25/20163:00 PM$350
Planet Hollywood Goliath6/27/20164:00 PM$350
Planet Hollywood Goliath6/28/20165:00 PM$350
WSoP Crazy 8s7/1/20163:00 PM$888
WSoP Turbo7/4/201611:00 AM$1,000
Wynn 250k7/8/201612:00 PM$600
WSoP Main Event7/10/201611:00 AM$10,000
WSoP Little Drop7/14/20163:00 PM$1,111
Wynn Main Event7/17/201612:00 PM$1,600
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