Fantasy Poker Challenge

Fantasy Poker Challenge

As I’m sure you know, the Midwest Poker Classic is coming up at Running Aces and I thought it would be fun to run a fantasy poker contest. Everybody gets one chance to pick five players and the entrant whose team has the highest total winnings will win 1% of my action in the Main Event AND the HORSE event if I am able to play it. Either way you will have some sweat well into the last day of the series.

Qualifiers are not included, and results will be used as they are provided by Running Aces on their website or facebook. Seniors and Ladies Edge events will count. Every event except qualifiers will count toward total winnings. You must report the total winnings of your own team to me on twitter if you think you may have a winner. Your team must be submitted before August 1st by listing the team on twitter, tagging @foxpokerfox, and #fantasympc

In order to win, you must also beat my team, and while we can share players you can not make exactly the same picks that I make.

My Team – Myself, Kou Vang, Dave Gonia, Erick Wright, Peixin Liu

If my team wins, I will donate the money to charity instead. You can choose any players you like, but there is a fairly complete list available here –

The schedule for the 2014 Midwest Poker Classic is HERE

Glad to be Home

No matter how well my summer goes, and this one was fantastic, I’m always happy to come home after the WSoP. Six weeks is a long time in Vegas, and a long time to spend in a hotel, especially when it’s The Rio and there very few healthy food options. The mild weather feels great, seeing my wife and my dogs is great, and I’m happy just to be able to be outside and not feel like I’m standing inside a hair dryer set on high heat.

Unfortunately I won’t get to really enjoy the beautiful summer in Minnesota until mid-August when it is mostly over.  I have students scheduled all week, and as soon as I have caught up with my students I have to fly out to The Borgata for a Pocket Fives event. With a $300 buy-in and a $150,000 guarantee, the event should be a nice big field. There will be a bounty on my head, so my road to winning it will be a tough one, but I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

I get back from The Borgata at the end of the month in time for the start of the Midwest Poker Classic at Running Aces, which I wouldn’t miss for anything. The MPC runs until August 10th and then I will have some more lessons to give, which leaves me at mid-August before things really slow down for me. I will be having some sort of party to celebrate the bracelet win at Running Aces, but we haven’t settled on a date for that yet.


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