By Request …

This will be the first time I have written a blog post by request, though I may do more of them if people have good topic suggestions in the comments.

Robowolfman requested some sci fi, cyberpunk, Minnesota poker news, and daily reports from Running Aces. To fit all of those things into one blog post I think I need to do a unique take on today’s poker news.

The Cyborg in Seat Two

The game is terrible today, but where else am I going to go? The only place the multinationals can’t send spy drones are the casinos. They probably know that I would run to a poker room, but they are patient. So patient. They can wait years for you pop your head up before they hack a mil-sat and vaporize your head from ninety miles up. Years don’t mean much to them, not anymore.

What I’m worried about is the cyborg in seat two. He’s not playing very well, they never do. Any AI smart enough to beat humans I’m a live poker game could make a lot more money doing something else, so the bots we see in these games usually break even or make a small profit.

This one sucks, which is bad for me. They all scan the net to find info about their opponents, and my public info won’t be too hard to find, which is okay as long as it doesn’t connect me to the burn we ran on the offshore servers last night. If it does find out that who is looking for me, the question is how it will deal with that information.

A smart bot wouldn’t say anything to anyone. It would know how the situation would play out if it tried to sell me to the mob. But a stupid bot could get us both killed. If that idiot cyborg tries to contact somebody about selling my location, they will be inside it’s head in milliseconds and it will kill me and then kill itself before the security team can blink.

I hope that thing is smart enough to know better than to rat me out, because I really want to make it long enough to play the Team Battles tomorrow. Kou Vang will handle strategy, I’ll jam the comsats and make sure the team is secure, and the three runners we picked up will tear our opponents apart.

If things go well tomorrow, Kou and I should have enough money to pay the paramilitary guys to get us out of here and into orbit where we’re safe. We can run our operation from there. I will miss this card room, but I won’t miss the cyborg in seat two. He’s giving me the creeps.

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  1. #1 by robowolfman on December 14, 2013 - 5:27 pm

    absolutely hilarious. Did not mean to do all in one blog but it was very well played. I do love your cyber stuff. Only question that i have is who are your three runners for the Team Battle?
    Thanks for the blog

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