I have a bunch of blog posts I’m supposed to write. I keep a list in my phone when I think of something I should write a blog about, and now I have a pile of them and not enough time to catch up. You know what I do when that happens? I just cover them all in a list! Let’s take care of that.

1. Write a blog post covering great poker fiction.

Two great ones come to mind. The Incrementalists by Steven Brust and Last Call by Tim Powers. Both are fantastic and feature a lot of poker. I promise that I am not biased about The Incrementalists just because my book is mentioned in this book and Steve Brust is a good friend of mine. It’s a great book. Both of them are. Read them.

2. Write a blog post covering buying action.

Quick and dirty version – Don’t invest any significant sum of money in someone unless you either know them well and have known them for a long time, or they have been around a long time in the poker world and have a perfect reputation. People need to get started somewhere, but stick with very small sums and for very short periods of time. Many Minnesota players have learned this lesson recently when Chad “Spachy” Himmelspach was outed for taking money from investors and never playing the events that he had scheduled. This is not the first time this has happened, so don’tĀ invest in players you don’t know unless they have a stellar reputation.

3. Write a blog covering winter stuff.

Winter stuff? Yeah, got that covered. There is nowhere better to get sick than in a card room. It’s the perfect breeding ground for colds and the flu. Go get a flu shot right now, use hand sanitizer, and keep your hands away from your face when you are at the table. And if you are sick, do not come to the card room. We don’t all need to get sick! Also, check the weather for the whole night before you leave for the card room so you don’t get stuck there waiting for the highways to be plowed. I speak from experience on this one, it sucks.

4. Talk about The Borgata.

Oh yeah, did I mention that The Borgata is awesome? The WPT event and tournament series last month were great, and the event they ran in conjunction with Pocket Fives was also great, and they were really good to us. If you head to the East coast, it is the premier poker destination and the poker room, the restaurants, and the hotel rooms are all top notch.

That was easy. I got four big ones off the list in a single blog post. Easy game. Maybe I’ll do four more in a few days. I’m so busy with my writing gig at Poker Update that I just don’t have much time to write here. You can check out all of my articles over at Poker Update at The Fox’s Den.

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