Blue Shark Computer Glasses Review

A few months ago I started testing the Blue Aspis glasses from Blue Shark Optics. I went in expecting very little because I’ve tried computer glasses before. I tried similar glasses from another company a few years ago, and while I noticed a small difference, it didn’t seem like a big enough deal for me to reorder them after they eventually broke. Then, last year at the WSoP, the owner of Blue Shark showed me their new glasses built for online poker and other long term computer use.

I am impressed with Blue Shark in general, and they are a good company, so I was curious to hear what they were doing. I wasn’t expecting much from my previous experience with computer glasses, but Kerry did a demonstration for me that blew me away. He had a blue laser pointer and a few pairs of glasses from other companies that were also made for computer users. There are lots of versions of “blue blockers” out there.

Photo from a spectrometer showing that Blue Aspis glasses block 95% of the blue light that causes eye strain.

When he shone the laser through the other companies glasses, they may have blocked some light, but there was a clear blue dot on the surface behind the glasses. When he did the same thing with the Blue Aspis model, I was amazed to see that none of the blue light made it through the lenses at all. This didn’t necessarily mean that I was going to feel better after using a computer, but they did at least do what the other companies claimed they were doing.

I’m a lazy, and busy, poker player, so I didn’t get around to picking up a pair until a few months ago when they sent me some along with an email requesting that I check them out. Kerry and Monica know me well. While I do have a pro model with the company, I wouldn’t write them a glowing review of their new glasses if they weren’t any good. I don’t think they were worried. They know these things do exactly what they say they will do.

After a few months of wearing them, I am completely hooked. I was suffering from some eye strain that was definitely affecting my vision over the last few years. I try to look at things in the distance out my window every hour or so, though I sometimes forget, and I try not to be on my phone constantly, but that is a tough one too. A new monitor a few weeks ago has helped, but nothing has helped as much as wearing these Blue Aspis glasses.

I also helped them out with a photo shoot featuring the glasses, and was instantly impressed with how much of the screens I could see reflected in the glasses. In fact, I am attaching an undoctored photo directly from from phone of me wearing the glasses while I’m writing this article. You can also read some very convincing evidence HERE on the Blue Shark site. The scientific evidence is impressive.

Chris Wallace wearing Blue Aspis computer glasses
Notice that blue reflection? That is this article on my computer screen.

As for my experience, I can no longer live without them. I lost them for a week when we moved into our new house and after after a few hours on the computer during that week I could tell that my vision wasn’t sharp. Since I’ve picked up photography as a hobby, I need my eyes to be clear, especially when I’m processing photos on the big screen and obsessing about every pixel. Since they aren’t yellow lenses, they don’t distort colors like the other brand I tried a few years ago either. I set up my copy of Lightroom to compensate exactly for the white balance change and I can now edit photos while playing online poker and never get a headache or lose the sharpness in my vision.

In short, you need a pair of these. If you spend time on the computer, you should have them. Seriously, visit their evidence page, it’s quite compelling, or just take my word for it, I can vouch for them as a very valuable addition to my online poker regimen and they are a big help in photo editing. Use the code FOX for $10 off these glasses and save your eyes!

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