Blind Squirrel

Blind Squirrel Apparel has joined the Pocket Fives Poker Tour as our official clothing sponsor! They were our first choice, and we couldn’t be happier to have high quality gear from a company that makes clothing specifically for those of us who live a little closer to the edge. Blind Squirrel makes everything from hoodies to hats to fitted women’s clothing, BLIND SQUIRREL LOGOwith an emphasis on styles that fit into a unique lifestyle. From pool to poker to mixed martial arts and boxing, Blind Squirrel has it all covered.

We are pleased to have them on board and we look forward to handing out some Pocket Fives Poker Tour gear manufactured by Blind squirrel as well as some Blind squirrel apparel during our events. They make great stuff and we are looking forward to a great partnership. Follow @bsanuts on twitter for more info and deals on Blind Squirrel apparel.

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