Another Jackass Senator

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, will introduce an anti-online poker law very soon. Today I sent him an email. I thought I might share it with you. Caution, extreme sarcasm alert!

“I just wanted to thank the Senator for his strong stance against online poker. This is a freedom that Americans can not handle and I’m so happy that the Republican party is always at the forefront of keeping us safe from ourselves when dangerous options threaten our safety.

I know the party line is very against big government, but in this case an exception makes sense. This is a case where we really need the government in our homes and on our computers keeping us safe.

With the new NSA powers, which have been controversial lately, perhaps the government could watch all of our computers and when someone starts playing poker on the internet a swat team could be dispatched immediately to stop them before they make too many illegal straights and flushes.

Obviously playing poker in a brick and mortar card room is different, and should be decided state by state, but on this issue it’s much better to have the federal government involved to prevent states from allowing this abhorrent behavior.

In a related note, I spent way too much time on facebook this morning. Is there any way you could introduce a law to help me with that? It’s really hurting my productivity. Perhaps something built into my computer that only lets me argue with idiots on facebook for half an hour per day?

Thank you again for standing strong on this issue where so many politicians have been afraid to fight for what is right. It’s refreshing to see someone make a stand and not cower behind the ideas of freedom or personal responsibility that so many politicians claim to be enamored with these days.

Keep fighting the good fight and I look forward to reading the form letter you send out about online gambling issues.”

You can contact the Senator yourself by using the contact form here –

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