Another Good Cause

Local poker player Boz Hanson works with people with special needs, and posted on facebook that one of his clients loves ice fishing and really wanted an ice fishing house. I know nothing about the subject, but I think we should make this happen. If we can make someone happy for a few hundred dollars, then we should do it. It looks like $250 will definitely buy the house, and another $100 for equipment and whatever else they might need would be nice too. Let’s get this guy fishing!

Donations will go to my paypal account, and I’ll ship the money to Boz once he decides what to buy. I am starting the fund with $50 and will close it when we are ready to buy or when it hits $350, whichever comes first. Boz will send us pics of the equipment, and depending on permission, the client enjoying his new ice fishing house. Thank you all in advance for your donations.


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