Announcing the Minnesota Poker Awards

I’m pleased to announce that Running Aces card room and have agreed to sponsor the Minnesota Poker Awards! The event itself will take place on December 29th at Running Aces, and I hope that it will become an annual celebration of all of our favorite things in Minnesota poker. I have a poll up where you can vote for which categories go into the show or submit categories using the (other) categories at the bottom. Each person can vote for up to eight categories and we will choose eight to twelve categories depending on how many votes each category gets.

UPDATE – You will not be able to vote unless you are a registered member of the blog. This is to prevent ballot box stuffing. Some people are finding that they can not vote, and this is the reason. Register as a member of the blog, and you will be able to vote as well as comment on posts. You can register HERE and then vote HERE.

When suggesting categories, remember that I won’t include anything that favors one poker room over another. With Running Aces sponsoring and hosting the event, I look bad either way if one room wins more than another. The poker rooms can buy their own trophies, these are just for the players.

In a few weeks, when I have enough votes on categories, I will start putting up nominees for each category. I just installed and set up the polling software, and I know it isn’t beautiful, but it will keep track of votes for now until I get my tech guy to work on it. The winner of each category will get an award of some sort at the event (I’m leaning toward a gold statue of a donkey), and recognition from their peers as a winner of the first annual Minnesota Poker Awards.

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