Amazing Aruba!

I arrived in Aruba at 2 pm today, worn out from a few nights without sleep and a long travel day. Getting off a plane in a tropical paradise always invigorates me for a while, the warm ocean breeze and the smile that it brings just seem to wake me up, but it didn’t last long. I was asleep within an hour. My room at the Hilton is beautiful with a comfortable bed, great balcony, and no noise. Perfect for an afternoon nap.

The cab driver on the way in recommended a place called Juanchi’s Burger, and I headed over for dinner. Juanchi’s is just half a block away from the hotel on a street filled with clubs and restaurants, all of which were booming and full of people in costume for Halloween. The area has a great feel, I’m already in love! juanchi

Even though the place is nice, with a hookah at some of the tables and a great looking menu, I didn’t expect much. Every culture has things they do well. I drink in Irish bars, but I don’t eat there. I loved the coffee in Greece and Costa Rica, not so much in Canada. And I have said many times that the thing we do best is the cheeseburger.

I used to make the mistake of ordering burgers in other countries until I discovered that they were all just terrible compared to a cheeseburger in the good old USA. Honestly, the best burger in Greece or Thailand or New Zealand is not even in the same league with a typical bar burger in Minnesota.

But I have finally found a burger, thousands of miles away from America, that stands up to the best burgers we have to offer. It doesn’t look like much, almost a large food stand, but Juanchi’s Burger is awesome! If you are coming to town for the PPC Poker Tour Championship this week, it is definitely worth walking over on dinner break.

I had a moist burger on a soft egg bun with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce that was out of this world. Now there are two great places to get a burger on this earth. America, and Juanchi’s!

The costumes, the nightclubs, the great hotel, and the excellent $2/5 game in the poker room, all made for a great night. Now I’m off to bed to sleep it off and get ready for the start of the tournament series tomorrow with the first tournament and the kickoff party!

You can learn more about the PPC Aruba World Championship HERE.

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