A Trip to Foxwoods

Last night, picking up a rental car from the airport, I thought out loud to myself –

“What the hell am I doing in Hartford, Connecticut?”

Hartford just isn’t a place I expect to end up. It’s a fine city, it really is. I love New England. But I was not expecting to spend much time in Hartford in my life. I’m glad I made the trip though, because it ended at Foxwoods Casino, about an hour from Hartford.


That’s right, pine trees right outside the window from the second floor!

Foxwoods is one of the largest casinos in the world. It’s also a beautiful set of buildings inside and out, but my favorite part of the view is not the buildings, but their surroundings. The casino complex is in the middle of the woods in a rural area. There are trees everywhere!

The tournament area is separate from the slot machines, which eliminates one of my biggest pet peeves. I will actually skip a tournament if it’s being played in the midst of a loud bank of slot machines. The tournament area is quiet, spacious, huge, and even has high ceilings and a great view all around.


I’m also impressed with the staff, excellent cash games running all night, and the internet speed is amazing…


The fastest upstream speed I’ve ever seen….

Which means we will be able to live stream the final table on twitch with commentary from me and special guests. There will be a featured table all day, but the final table should start in the evening. Check out twitch.tv/foxwoodspoker to watch the featured table all night tonight and all day tomorrow. When we reach the final table I will step in with commentary on the stream and host it on my channel twitch.tv/foxplayspoker as well.

We already have over 260 entrants in flight 1A, so I’m expecting a big field for this event. Hitting the guarantee in the first flight is always a very good sign and first place should be more than $50,000, so tomorrow’s final table will be a ton of fun to broadcast. You can read updates about the event from Minnesota’s own Molly Mossey by clicking on the Foxwoods poker banner below.

Foxwoods Poker

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