A Rambling Test

I’m testing out a number of things in this blog post, which calls for my blogging device, a numbered list!

1. I’m posting this from Running Aces. With good Wi-Fi and a fairly soft and passive $2-100 game, I think I can actually get some work done here.

2. I’m posting with a Google Nexus 7 tablet. It won’t compare to being at home on my computer in terms of productivity, but it works pretty well so far.

3. I’m using the WordPress app for Android, and if this post goes smoothly it will make it easy for me to blog while I play poker.

As a completely unrelated aside, I am posting from an $8/16 game with a full kill, and it is amazing. Pots are huge, and a few of the players are completely lost.

If you feel like commenting, I could use some ideas for blog posts. I don’t want to post a lot of strategy because many of my readers are from here in Minnesota and I could make my own games significantly tougher.

When I was blogging for Pocket Fives or PokerXFactor I was rarely teaching people that I played with, but this blog is read by people I play with every day and I could really hurt my win rate by just giving out some basic tips.

So… what entertains you? Comedy? More fiction like the ghost story from Halloween? News from the world of Minnesota poker? Anything else?

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  1. #1 by robowolfman on December 13, 2013 - 7:25 pm

    Well if i can’t get more Strategy, How about some science fiction and cyberpunk. Followed by a sprinkle of Minnesota poker news and daily insights into what is happening at the running aces tables. thanks

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