A Quickie

I’m going out for an adult beverage, so I’ll make this quick. And that means… A list!

1. I took fifth in the main event at Binions. It wasn’t enough to get me out of makeup with my big buy-in backer, so there’s no celebration, but it’s news in my life. The structure was amazing, easily the best structure of the summer.

2. My wife is awesome and very supportive and deals with the odd life of a poker pro very well. I’m lucky to have her. She’s also an awesome photographer, and if you ever need pictures in Minnesota, check her out at lmjoriginals.com.

3. I have a million notes about things I should write about in the blog, and not enough time. Longer blog coming up soon.

4. I still hate the Venetian and I’m definitely in favor of the growing boycott movement. Screw them.

5. The mixed-game dealers at the WSoP were pretty good last year. This year they are awful. I don’t know what changed, but we had a dealer who didn’t know any of the games and also didn’t speak English so that we could help her out. And she was stubborn. It was a nightmare.

6. I have been loving the cash games at Caesars. It’s mellow but very profitable. I could almost like playing there for a living. Almost. I still hate poker though.

7. I’ve been writing more fiction this week. Should fiction have a place on the blog? What if it isn’t poker related?

8. There is no number 8.

9. If you are looking for a place to stay in Vegas that is more than just a hotel room, check out The Platinum Hotel. I couldn’t be happier with the service, the people, the location, and the amenities. It’s a condo hotel, full kitchen, laundry, whatever you need is all in your room. And they are big. I love it.

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