A Great Adventure

For the next month and a half, this blog will become a travel blog. Except for tomorrow night’s podcast, that will be mostly poker related. On Monday my lovely wife and I leave for what we have been calling “The Big Adventure”, bouncing around the world for 43 days. If you are not interested in travel, come back in mid-March. If you are interested in new places and adventures, then stick around and enjoy the lack of poker talk.

My wife is a professional photographer, so I’ll put a few pictures in each blog post as well as a description of some of the things we’ve done and places we’ve seen. I would like to say that I’ll post something every day, but that’s tough to do. I can do an entry every few days though, and that will make my job easy with multiple days of adventuring to talk about.

This trip will be safer than a lot of my previous adventures, though it will also be a lot more expensive. It started out as two weeks in New Zealand, but once you are in New Zealand, you might as well hit Australia for a few days, you know, since you came so far already. And once you are in Australia, you might as well hit Tasmania for a few days, and maybe get up to Sydney to see the famous opera house. You know, since you’ve already come so far.

And if you’re flying that way anyway, you might as well stop in Hawaii, especially since the wife has never been there. And it’s kind of on the way anyway. And on the way back the only other way to breakup the flight, unless you want to stop in Hawaii again, is to go to Fiji. It’s beautiful in Fiji, might as well spend a few days right? I mean, once you’ve already come so far.

Then some friends in California said we should stop by since we have to have a connecting flight from Fiji somewhere on the West Coast anyway, and we hadn’t seen them for awhile, so we booked that too. And you don’t fly all the way to New Zealand just for a few days, so we booked 15 days there and at least five days everywhere else, because you might as well stay awhile if you’ve already come so far.

Of course, if you fly literally half way around the world to a place you might not get back to, you should make sure you don’t miss any once in a lifetime opportunities. Which means you might as well book both those whale watching trips, feed that Tasmanian Devil in the nature preserve, tour the glow worm caves, take the helicopter tour, walk across the glacier, book the zodiac ride through the glacier lake, see the penguins in the wild, hike the volcano, and holy crap I’m getting tired just thinking about all of it.

So I did. I booked it all. We have days off sprinkled in here and there, but most days are going to include big adventures and amazing photos. I’ve done month long trips many times, but never to so many different places for such a long time. We will see 6 or 7 different climates and be living out of backpacks. I still don’t know how we are going to fit all the gear into two packs.

When people hear about my travels, they so often say things like “I wish I could do that.” I always think “You can, just do it!” I hope with some of my travel blogging I’m able to inspire a few people to stop wishing and just book a flight. Start somewhere cheap and easy like Puerto Rico, Iceland, Costa Rica, anywhere in the Caribbean, or Alaska. Buy the Lonely Planet Guide to wherever you are going and study up on it, that’s half the fun. Then go have some adventures of your own and never stop.

Keep booking flights once or twice a year to somewhere you have never been. See the world and be changed by it. We live on an incredible planet and even the most well traveled have seen so little of it. Stop sitting at home and get your butt on a plane! I’ll help if you need it. Try skyscanner.com for flights, tripadvisor.com for hotels, and your Lonely Planet book for advice on what to see when you get there. I won’t be of much help until late March, but after I get home I’ll be happy to help you find destinations, cheap flights and hotels, and provide information on everything from vaccinations to rental car insurance. Go!

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  1. #1 by tfboudreau1 on January 26, 2015 - 2:37 am

    The travel bug is genetic… obviously I have it too… have a great trip. Enjoy my fav … NZ… be in touch if I can help !

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