A Drink with Doyle

I just had to put that in the headline, because it’s the highlight of the trip so far. Doyle Brunson was on my right for day two of the $10,000 buy-in Razz event today, and we chatted a little. When I ordered a Bailey’s and coffee, my signature drink, he said it sounded good and ordered one too. I took care of the tip for both drinks because it’s as close I’ll get to buying him a drink. We discussed the joys of Bailey’s and coffee, our shared love for Flathead Lake in Montana, and he told a few stories from the good old days.

My starting table was tough, with Eli Elezra, Doyle, Allen Kessler, Frankie Odell, and no fish at all. When that table broke, my new table was no better, with Daniel Negreanu and Chris Klodnicki among others. I played a big pot where we piled in chips when I was a huge favorite over Negreanu, but the 60k pot went to him when he caught a 6 on the river. He got my last 1,300 on the next hand and I was out.

The trip so far by the numbers –

Bracelet events entered: 3

Bracelet event cashes: 0

Smaller tournaments entered: 2

Final Tables: 1

SNGs played: 7

SNGs won or chopped: 4

Cash results: +$1,400

Opponents ranked top 10 on GPI: 4

Bailey’s and coffees consumed: 14

Different games played: 13

Favorite game: Super Razzdugi

Second favorite game: Everything else sucks. I just want to play Super Razzdugi all the time. Seriously. It’s great.

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