$10k HORSE – Day 1

Short blog today because I have to be back at the Rio for the restart tomorrow at 2 pm and it’s already 4 am. That’s good news though, it means I’m still in the $10k HORSE. Better than that, I have 56k and average is only 40k, so I’m in reasonably good shape. The field is tough, and I had to deal with Jason Mercier, Abe Mosseri, Scotty Nguyen, Daniel Alai, Jen Harmon and Carlos Mortensen today. Probably a bunch of other known players at my second table that I didn’t recognize, most played well and knew each other.

I do hate the Rio anyway though. They wouldn’t take my $5k chips today, telling me that I didn’t have play that would indicate that I won them and therefore they could not redeem them. I was standing at the cashier window at the Rio, and they would not take Rio chips. There was no question they were legit, and no question that they were stolen, they just wouldn’t take them because I was given them by someone other than the casino. I would understand if this was a strict rule that was actually enforced, but it’s your usual bullshit at the Rio where everyone would rather cover their own ass than make a player happy.

I found a known regular who cashed them for me with no questions asked. If this were really the rule they claimed it was, that could never have happened. A quote from the cage supervisor –

“Only the person who gave you these chips can cash them in, they are worth nothing to anyone else, that is our rule.”

You lie dickhead, I got them cashed at your cage ten minutes later and the guy who gave them to me was nowhere in sight. The guy who cashed them was not asked a single question. So the real answer should have been –

“I don’t know you, and I can deny you this on a technicality. We bend the rule all the time, but not for you in this case because I don’t want to be responsible and we don’t give a shit about you or whether you play the tournament tonight.”

Same old Rio bureaucratic bullshit. This was after I stood in line for half an hour to register at 4 pm. Ignore what I said last week about the lines being shorter, this line was out the door and half the cashier windows were empty. Really? You couldn’t get some cashiers scheduled for the WSoP? Did you think some players might show up and want to buy-in to this little shindig you’re having? A bunch of them showed up last year and you were unprepared, and the year before as well.

Is there any chance we can get a guy who manages a grocery store to come in and show them how to add more cashiers when there are too many people waiting in line? They had it figured out at the 7-11 ten minutes ago, and the 7-11 isn’t making $150,000,000 over five weeks this summer. What the Rio needs is a little give-a-shit, but I don’t expect them to muster any up as long as everyone will put up with anything for a bracelet. I hope the Venetian starts handing out necklaces, or anklets, or something, and finds a way to put up some real competition for the Rio.

That’s the end of my rant. I’m going to bed.

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